Spoonshot, a company that leverages AI with food science to predict emerging food and beverage trends, has announced the early release of its “Spoonshot's FoodBrain Predicts . . . Trends 2022 & Beyond.”

“We know that a large swath of the food and beverage industry depends upon our food trend reports,” said Kishan Vasani, Spoonshot co-founder & CEO. “We dive deep into this one so that everyone from R&D professionals and Insights teams to food startups, culinary professionals, and anyone with an interest in consumer behavior can gain actionable intelligence.”

In the report, Spoonshot shares nine food and beverage trends emerging amidst the pandemic with a particular emphasis on sustainability and health. These trends are just surfacing and are expected to expand in 2022 and beyond.

For example, look for barley milk to share shelf space with the now established almond, oat, and soy milks. Alcohol majors are also looking at dairy-free milks as part of their expansion into no-alcohol and better-for-you space. Upcycling as well will see significant action in the coming years. This is especially true now that upcycling has a formal definition and a certification program.

“Spoonshot's Food Brain Predicts . . . Trends 2022 & Beyond” examines in full detail not only what the trends are but also the drivers for these trends and why they are important in the current world state. The report further shows companies how to use the Spoonshot innovation research platform to uncover rich data and personalized insights for their innovation strategy and planning," said Vasani.

The report examines in detail:

  • How certain ingredient pairs offer greater benefits together than individually
  • How gut health can also promote lung health in light of the gut-lung axis
  • The opportunities to cater to those suffering from loss of smell and taste post-COVID-19
  • How restaurants are leveraging the use of robots
  • The growth and potential of lab-grown foods
  • How grains will be the next growth area for plant-based milks
  • How upcycling can go mainstream
  • Two bonus topics on what to expect in 2023 and beyond

“The time is absolutely now for the food and beverage industry to reexamine their planned product offerings as the global industry emerges from the pandemic with vaccines being rolled out,” added Vasani. “By releasing our report early, companies will have access to insights that can help them stay ahead during these difficult times.” 

Click here to view the full report.