Company: The Good Crisp Company

Introduced: July 2021

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $4.00

Product Snapshot: The Good Crisp Company is expanding its line of better-for-you snacks to include Cheese Balls, its first immunity-boosting product.

Cheese balls are a favorite in all households but The Good Crisp founder Matt Parry wanted to clean up the ingredients and provide a healthier alternative that consumers could feel good about eating. When Alex’s daughter began undergoing chemo, he realized truly how vital the immune system was and became astonished by the amazing work it does to keep us healthy. In an effort to create a product that would not only be tasty, but beneficial to health, he added an immune-boosting ingredient to Cheese Balls called Wellmune. This incredible ingredient helps strengthen the immune system and enhances its key functions.

Non-GMO and gluten-free, the new Cheese Balls come in Cheddar and Aged White Cheddar flavors with an MSRP of $4.00 per canister and will be available online at