Company: Sollich

Equipment Snapshot: Sollich KG of Germany is a global supplier of enrobers, tempering systems, cooling tunnels, and bar forming equipment with a complete line of optional supplementary equipment.

Sollich will display its Miniconbar 400/600 bar forming equipment at PACK EXPO in 2021 as well as the Minicoater Enrober MC 420.

The Miniconbar 400/600 is the industry standard when it comes to bar forming equipment. Sollich will show the WEB 400, SAW 400, SL 400, spreading table type 400/600 and mechanical guillotine SGT 620. This equipment covers the many stages of bar forming, from slab forming through final cutting to your bars' desired shape. The Miniconbar is a universal line that can make all bars: protein bars, cereal bars, candy bars, multi-layered bars, fruit bars, and many more. The slab width for this line is approximately 16 inches and goes to approximately 24 inches after spreading. Designers focus on simple operation and multiple applications. This is suitable for a wide variety of product ingredients. The Miniconbar drum-forming system guarantees a pressure-less, precise formation of the slab and provides simple changeover for alternate product runs. Over 750 bars per minute can be made on this system.

Several improvements have been made to previous generations of TTS enrobers paving the way to Sollich's newly developed Minicoater MC 420. This enrober is a small-scale chocolate coater with a built-in chocolate tempering system. The new Minicoater has a separate frequency-controlled drive for the bottoming roller and a removable wire tensioned detailer system. This enrober comes in either a 12- or 16-inch-wide wire belt.