The upcycled fruit ingredients (pulp, juice and concentrate) of global cacaofruit expert Cabosse Naturals are now officially "Upcycled Certified." The certification enables consumer-facing brands and artisans who partner with Cabosse Naturals to make use of the mark on their packaging and in their communication. CaPao, a brand created by Mondelēz International’s SnackFutures innovation and venture hub, made with Cabosse Naturals’ cacaofruit is one of the first brands to communicate the mark on-pack. The mark premieres in the United States.


Helping consumers with conscious purchase decisions 
For consumer brands it is essential to invest in sustainability for long-term success. Recent studies of UFA show that about 60 percent of consumers want to buy more upcycled food. With the Upcycled Certified mark on the packaging of products consumers now know which products are making a positive contribution to the planet.

Shannon Neumann, associate director, SnackFutures Innovation, Mondelēz International, says: “It’s very exciting to be at the forefront of elevating consumers’ understanding of and demand for upcycled ingredients and foods. The more people choose UFA certified brands like CaPao, the more progress we can make in reducing food waste and creating a snacking world that is good for people, kind to the planet and deliciously fun.”

Upcycled foods are defined by UFA as products made with ingredients that otherwise would not have gone to human consumption, are sourced and produced using verifiable supply chains and have a positive impact on the planet. 

Turner Wyatt, CEO and co-founder Upcycled Food Association: “Our mission is to prevent food waste, the number one solution to prevent climate change. The Upcycled Certified mark will positively influence billions of decisions per year by raising awareness for upcycled food. Given that cacaofruit is one of the most wasted fruits, with 70% of each fruit going to waste, we are glad to have a pioneering brand like Cabosse Naturals on board who helps their partners to join the upcycled movement, like CaPao Cacaofruit Bites.”

Cacaofruit category to make positive impact on the planet

As a member of the Upcycled Food Association, Cabosse Naturals underlines the importance of upcycled food. To build awareness a global consumer focused campaign was set up in 2020 in collaboration with UFA to promote upcycled fruit. The b2b brand is the first brand to market its cacaofruit as ‘Upcycled Certified’ to its partners.

Annually about 14 million tons of cacaofruits are harvested around the world. Whereas previously 70 percent of the cacaofruit was thrown away (as much as 10 million tons), now not only its seeds (beans) but also the dried peel, the fresh and juicy pulp are used and processed into new ingredients. If all of this fruit is upcycled it would have the same impact in reducing carbon emissions and fighting climate change as planting 3.5 billion trees yearly. That is the size of Germany and France combined.

Sylvie Woltering-Valat, head of marketing at Cabosse Naturals: “Together we accelerate the positive impact we have on the environment and do good for the fruit farmers, while offering consumers a delicious zesty, fruity and nutritious alternative that they can now find due to the Upcycled Certified mark.”

The global cacaofruit expert, a Barry Callebaut brand, has created a scalable supply chain of high quality ingredients over the last few years. Cabosse Naturals won the ‘Sustainable Ingredient Award’ at Sustainable Food Awards 2021 this summer. The award is given to an ingredient that makes a sustainable difference in terms of environmental and/or social impact. Cabosse Naturals also was a finalist during the World Innovation Awards 2021 in the category ‘Most Innovative Ingredient’. 

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