Company: Limagrain Ingredients

Ingredient Snapshot: By 2020, 60 percent of consumers would like to increase the amount of plant-based protein in their diet, and around 37 percent of consumers consider themselves as flexitarian, vegetarian, or vegan worldwide. However, plant-based protein products need to keep their composition simple, with a handful of trusted ingredients that consumers know. In addition, 25 percent of consumers are concerned about the taste of plant-based protein products, and 17 percent are concerned about their texture. Therefore, the inclusion of legumes while maintaining a good organoleptic quality of the products remains a challenge for manufacturers.

This is why Limagrain Ingredients has developed Pep's Balls: a new range of extruded pulses to enrich products with plant-based proteins, without any compromise on taste and offering a great mouthfeel.

A range of three Pep’s balls to use as inclusion ingredients, ensuring a plant-based protein enhancement and a great natural texturizer for your products:

  • Pep’s Balls chickpea
  • Pep’s Balls pea & faba bean
  • Pep’s Balls red bean & peas

Benefits include:

  • Only pulses
  • Natural plant-based protein content
  • Boost of protein & fibers to reach health claims or improve Nutriscore
  • Easy to implement in your recipes
  • Clear and clean label