Varcode, a developer of affordable digital collection, recording, tracing, and reporting for supply chain compliance and logistics monitoring has finalized a new strategic partnership with Cincinnati, Ohio-based General Data Company, Inc., a manufacturer and provider of labeling, packaging, barcode identification, data management, and equipment service products and solutions.

Varcode provides solutions for digitally tracking, analyzing, and reporting cumulative temperature excursions over time, producing a cost-effective, permanent digital record. The Varcode Smart Data Solution (VSDS) includes temperature-sensitive Smart Tags, a scanning suite to scan the tags, and a management system where data is stored for permanent data storage, customization, and information analysis. The Smart Tag temperature indicator labels record and report if the shipment experienced temperature abuse and track the amount of cumulative time. There are also binary indicators for both minimum and maximum temperature as well as temperature ranges, all of which is digitalized with a simple scan.

This system delivers valuable information for compliance, particularly for the food and pharmaceutical industries, as well as for any company involved in temperature-sensitive logistics. General Data is now authorized to sell and support Varcode’s complete Smart Data Solutions wireless time and temperature monitoring system, including the Smart Tags software, hardware, integration, and support.

“We are really excited about partnering with Varcode to sell these innovative temperature tracking solutions,” stated Grant Grooms, General Data’s vice president of industrial sales. “This technology is the cutting-edge solution to our customers’ cold chain challenges where control is relinquished once the product leaves the dock. It will perfectly complement our existing portfolio by adding the ability to have actionable data from dock to doorstep, including automated cold chain data analysis and mobile alerts. 

"This strategic partnership brings new strength and capabilities to both of our companies’ technologies and data services," said Joseph Battoe, CEO of Varcode. "To be gaining General Data’s reach, expertise, and longevity within the data collection and identification industries will go a long way in the expansion of temperature tracking smart data solutions."