Company: McKee Foods


Introduced: March 2022

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $2.19

Product Snapshot: McKee Foods has announced that it is launching Zebra-inspired Mini Donuts. Little Debbie Zebra Mini Donuts will be making their way to store shelves nationwide beginning mid-March 2022.

By offering a fresh, new way to experience the flavors of yellow cake paired with the iconic fudge stripes associated with the original Little Debbie Zebra Cakes, Zebra Mini Donuts will be the go-to choice for both Mini Donut connoisseurs and ZEBRA Cakes enthusiasts alike.   

Zebra Mini Donuts consist of yellow cake doughnuts covered in vanilla frosting and finished with the well-known wave of fudge stripes.  Each are packaged in a convenient grab-n-go resealable bag, with a suggested retail price of $2.19. 

Hannah Stoker, the McKee food scientist responsible for crafting this delectable treat, said, “When you go into a donut shop in your neighborhood, you expect to see a wide variety of choices. Some of the ones that always stand out are the doughnuts with stripes. The Little Debbie brand knows a thing or two about stripes, so it only made sense to develop Zebra Mini Donuts.”

“We’ve been looking forward to this product launch for a long time, and it’s rewarding for us to finally see it on store shelves,” said Erica Harrison, Little Debbie product manager. “We know Zebra Mini Donuts are going to be just as loved by consumers as they are by those who made them happen.”

Little Debbie Zebra Mini Donuts join Fudge Round Mini Donuts and Strawberry Shortcake Mini Donuts in a line-up of doughnuts inspired by the brand’s iconic treats. Little Debbie also offers Powdered, Frosted, and Glazed Mini Donuts.