Company: McKee Foods


Introduced: September 2018

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $1.99

Product Snapshot: Wait no longer…Little Debbie has doubled the chocolate flavor and introduces new Double Chocolate Mini Donuts in a portable, shareable bag. This new variety is a delicious chocolate cake doughnut covered in a chocolatey fudge. “Chocolate lovers will unite over this double dose of chocolate indulgence that can be enjoyed anytime of the day!” says new products manager, Gary Torner.

The voice of the Little Debbie consumer speaks loudly in anticipation and excitement for Little Debbie’s creation of a double chocolate mini doughnut. Chocolate is a favorite flavor, so the idea of chocolate icing covering a chocolate doughnut is very appealing. One consumer said it best with her reaction to the product stating, “They look like small, yet powerfully delectable morsels of pure goodness.”

When you want a little something extra, Little Debbie Double Chocolate Mini Donuts come through as your snack time/me time choice! Joining other varieties including Powdered, Frosted, Glazed, Strawberry and Cinnamon Sugar Mini Donuts, this new flavor doubles up your bite sized selections. With a suggested retail price of $1.99, it’ll be hard to choose just one flavor from this doughnut family of perfectly poppable treats.

Expect to see this new product in stores alongside your other favorite Little Debbie selections in September 2018.