LesserEvil, the better-for-you snack brand on a mission to make healthy, organic, less-processed, and sustainable snacks more accessible, will continue the brand’s educational Clean Oil Campaign at Natural Products Expo East. In conjunction with Expo East, LesserEvil will launch a Clean Oil Crew campaign logo, embodying the coalition's commitment to sourcing products made with good fats including butter, ghee, olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, and nut oils instead of vegetable and seed oil. The new logo will feature a coconut, oil branch, and avocado, united by a circle and encapsulating the phrase, “cool to be clean.” The new logo aims to represent the campaign's mission, and can also be used in participating brand's future marketing materials, furthering education and awareness around the campaign, as well as providing an easily identifiable way for consumers to find products made with clean oils.

After a successful launch at Expo West in 2022 and a direct-to-consumer limited-edition starter pack, the Clean Oil Crew will take a stronger stand on the conversation surrounding not-so-good-for-you vegetable and seed oils. Continuing to educate and engage with consumers and raising awareness around the topic of clean oils, LesserEvil (Booth #4183) will team up with existing partners:

  • RIND (Booth #1810)
  • A Dozen Cousins (Booth #1711)
  • Primal Kitchen (Booth #2045)
  • Cappello’s

And new partners:

  • Brad’s Plant Based (Booth #1205)
  • Daily Crunch (Booth #1922)
  • Dalci (Booth #4271)
  • Jackson’s

“We are thrilled to expand our Clean Oil Crew coalition, furthering awareness and education around the importance of products using good fats, over seed, vegetable, and processed oils,” said Charles Coristine, CEO of LesserEvil. “As we look to the future, we want our seal to be a clear identifier that a product is adhering to our team’s guidelines and following the use of clean oils.”

All brands in the Clean Oil Crew aim to keep industrially processed vegetable and seed oils out of their products by using butter, ghee, olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, and nut oils instead. To learn more or for brands interested in wanting to join the Clean Oil Crew, please visit cleanoilcrew.com for more information or stop by LesserEvils’ booth at Expo East.