Unifiller Systems Inc. a subsidiary of Linxis Group that offers portioning equipment to the bakery industry, has launched Total Care by Unifiller, which includes an app and Bluetooth-enabled device. Now available for pre-sale, the product was launched at IBIE this year.

The product is a plug-and-play unit that features a Bluetooth device syncs that syncs with any Unifiller machine in order to transmit equipment usage information to a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop running the app. Customers can then upload, store, and track content on a Unifiller-specific framework.

Sonia Bal, director of global marketing, Unifiller Systems, says, “The app will revolutionize how Unifiller customers interact with their equipment. Its cloud connectivity, data tracking, easy recipe management, and predictive maintenance will minimize downtime and ensure machines are ready for crucial production times, such as the upcoming holiday season.”

According to Derek Lanoville, product development technologist, Unifiller, "Thanks to the product's facilitation of easy machine set-up, process documentation, employee training, recipe storage, and rapid parts ordering, customers can future-proof themselves against lost productivity during periods of staff turnover or equipment downtime."