Nuritas has announced that it has achieved self-affirmed GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status for its muscle health intelligent ingredient PeptiStrong. PeptiStrong's cell-signaling technology is powered by Nuritas natural peptides, unlocked from the fava bean. 

GRAS status of PeptiStrong was achieved after an intensive review of safety by an independent panel of scientific experts. The panel concluded that the fava bean protein hydrolysate was safe in accordance with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for proposed food and beverage uses.  

Nuritas’ patented precision ingredient PeptiStrong harnesses cell-signaling technology to revolutionize functional ingredients. Backed by two peer-reviewed clinical studies, this plant-based intelligent ingredient has outperformed animal protein. It has a multi-dimensional effect on muscle health: promoting muscle strength, improving recovery after intense exercise, boosting energy, and supporting the synthesis of protein that assists in maintaining and building muscle. These results show promising potential for functional foods and beverages in sports nutrition, but also for a wide array of healthy aging solutions. 

Nuritas recently launched PeptiStrong at SSW 2022 in Las Vegas, with applications in gel shots, cereal bars, and shake powder. The company is continuing to develop formats and concepts that illustrate not only the flexibility of the ingredient, but also the power of the cell-signaling technology to complement functional food, going beyond nutrition. 

Dr Nora Khaldi, CEO and Founder of Nuritas, commented: “Through cutting edge precision technology, we are leading the way with a brand-new category of ingredients – Intelligent Ingredients, based on identified consumer needs. By now being recognized as GRAS, it aligns wonderfully with our mission to make our everyday products healthier, safer, and greener. PeptiStrong is a game-changer, with the potential to replace several ingredients in a beverage or functional food, and to superpower its efficacy.” 

PeptiStrong can be found in Anomaly, available via the Glaxon and GNC websites, and in GNC stores across the U.S.