Company: Solvay


Ingredient Snapshot: Following its successful launch at IFT 2018, Solvay is delighted to announce that Rhovanil US NAT has received GRAS approval from the Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association of the United States (FEMA).

Rhovanil US NAT is the latest addition to Solvay’s unrivalled portfolio of natural vanillin solutions, developed to meet rising consumer demands for true-to-nature products in the US market or countries where US regulation applies. Its new GRAS status (FEMA 3107; CAS 121-33-5) means that Rhovanil® US NAT vanillin is recognized as a safe flavor ingredient in a wide range of food categories and applications including chocolate, confectionery, bakery and beverages.

“At Solvay, ensuring consumers are buying products that offer the purest and safest ingredients is extremely important to us, so we’re pleased that Rhovanil US NAT has been awarded GRAS status,” comments Edouard Janssen, senior vice president & general manager, Solvay Aroma Performance, Americas. “This official recognition gives food and beverage manufacturers peace of mind that they’re using quality ingredients in their products while also meeting rising consumer demand for identifiable verifications and labelling in relation to product safety.”