Apparently the thing we’ve all been missing in the bedroom is Parmesan cheese.

Cello Whispsa pure Parmesan cheese snack, has released findings from it first snacking survey, that showed that more than half of all women (52 percent) felt that healthy snacking during the day leaves them more inclined to have sex at night. The survey was completed by more than 1,000 women nationwide between the ages of 21-50.

In short, the company is hoping the takeaway will be: Eat delicious Cello Whisps when you feel the 3 p.m. crash coming at you, and you’re 3 a.m. lovemaking will be much improved.

Apparently, it’s related to the fact that women feel guilty if they eat something too indulgent and then that parlays into them feeling less sexy.

Specifically, the data shows that 73 percent of women agreed that they are left feeling more satisfied after snacking, but 70 percent of women said that they judge themselves afterwards for doing it. 

"We're delighted that eating healthy snacks like our Cello Whisps throughout the day can help women feel better about themselves," says Ilana Fischer, v.p. of innovation and strategy. "At Cello Whisps, we believe there are few things sexier than a confident and empowered woman, and we're glad those who completed our survey agree."

Look Cello, if you were trying to tempt me to write about your Parmesan cheese snacks, all you had to do was send me some samples. I love Parmesan cheese. In fact, I used to eat it so much as a kid, that my dad would actually get mad at me about how often we had to buy it. Something about it not being as cheap as salt and pepper, which I am told is what normal people use on their food.

But Cello, you went and took it all the way to the bedroom, so now we have to talk about this.

I have to say, that while I sort of understand the correlation between eating healthy during the day leading to better sex, I feel like the problem is further back. Why are women so conditioned to feel guilty about eating that it literally affects their sex life hours later? Guys, eating is something we all have to do, and there’s actually no such thing as “good” or “bad” foods. Everything is fine in moderation.

There’s no reason for women to be punishing themselves (and by extension their partners) for eating something they think is bad in the afternoon with bad sex at night. I have never once met a man or a woman who said, “She’s hot, but she ate three candy bars this afternoon, so I’m totally going to have to pass.”

So ladies, as cheesy as this sounds, go out there and get down with your sexy self — and don’t let a mid-day indulgence ruin it for you.