The problem with Valentine’s Day is timing.

It just seems like there’s so much else going on in February. There’s the Super Bowl, Groundhog Day, Groundhog Day, Groundhog Day, and I’m pretty sure Presidents’ Day is even in there somewhere. Not to mention Black History Month.

So with all that stuff going on, it’s no wonder that guys (and in my experience, girls) like to wait until the day before, or the day of, to grab a box of chocolates for whomever they’re “in love with” or “in like with” at the moment.

In fact, there’s even data to back up my theory. “In a recent consumer survey, nearly half of men admitted to caring more about watching The Big Game  than they do about giving their Valentine the perfect gift,” reports Godiva.

I can’t say I blame them. I’m a girl (last I checked) and even I care more about the Super Bowl than I do about Valentine’s Day. At least on Super Bowl Sunday I get don’t have to wear nylons, or walk around in heels. 

Godiva’s own data shows just how tragic the situation is.

“Nearly one-in-four men admitted that they only start thinking about Valentine's Day one to two days before the holiday itself. The survey also found that even veteran gift-givers who plan ahead need a little help, with more than half (58 percent) admitting that they don't get it right every time,” the chocolate maker says.

Of course, all this is not the greatest news for candy makers. In theory, the longer the Valentine’s Day selling season, the higher the sales. But, when you condense the whole thing down to like two days, there’s not much time to make a profit on all those heart-shaped bon bons.

So, as you may have guessed by now, Godiva, well-known across the land as the chocolate ladies everywhere love to get for any holiday, is trying to fight that shopping timeline. And they’re pairing up with an unexpected spokesman to do it — Rob Riggle.

I mean, I don’t know about you, but I picture Godiva working with more of a Fabio than a Riggle. 

For those of you who don’t watch comedies aimed at 20- and 30-something men and/or Fox NFL Sunday, Riggle is a comedian probably best described as the kind of guy who I’d guess has a sweet man cave, a six-pack in his trunk at all times, and a high appreciation for all things bacon.

In short, it appears that Godiva is hoping to juxtapose its premium chocolates targeted at mostly women, with a male spokesman who can explain said chocolates to the guys in their lives.

Specifically, “Godiva created the ‘Game Over, Game On’ video content series, which stars Riggle as a man who has ‘mapped it all out,’ and knows exactly how to impress that special someone after a few too many gifting fumbles,” the company says. “The video series genuinely captures the stress of getting Valentine's Day right, while proving Godiva’s place as the ultimate symbol of love.”

As part of one video, Riggle details his mistakes of Valentine’s Days past. Like the scale he got Gloria in 2001, which landed him a “five-game suspension.” And then there was the coo-coo clock he gave his “sweet Lizzy” in 2007. That play ended up getting him completely “ejected.”

And if funny videos starring Rob Riggle aren’t not enough to get your man out of his man cave and into the chocolate shop before all the good stuff sells out, Godiva is taking the promotion to the next level with a seriously awesome football contest.

“To help men celebrate their efforts on Valentine's Day, Godiva is also offering those that share the [Rob Riggle] videos a chance to win 2015-2016 season tickets, [which will be fulfilled via a $5,000 check],” the company says, pointing to its website for more information.

"Godiva has been helping men get their game on for Valentine's Day since 1926, and that's what this series is all about," says Michelle Chin, v.p., North America Marketing, Godiva Chocolatier. "This exciting partnership with Mr. Riggle is a first for the brand, and provides a unique and humorous lead-into the most romantic day of the year."

And, if all of this wasn’t enough to inspired you to go out a whole TEN days early and grab a Valentine’s Day, or if you just want to send a link to this column to your special someone in hopes of sparking some inspiration, below are a list of some specific Godiva Valentine’s Day items.

Feel free to copy and paste the ones you want and send them out via a Facebook Message, Direct Tweet or even and old-fashioned email to the one you love. You’re welcome.

36 Piece Valentine's Day Gold Ballotin ($50)

36 Piece Valentines Day Gold Ballotin Godiva

A deliciously rich, signature assortment of classic Godiva Belgian chocolates, featuring sumptuous caramels, luscious ganaches and rich pralines, presented in the iconic gold box tied with a red rose ribbon.

29 Piece Valentine's Day Keepsake Chocolate Heart ($75)

29 Piece Valentines Day Keepsake Chocolate Heart Godiva

A festive assortment of Godiva’s 2015 limited-edition heart-shaped chocolates, such as raspberry mousse in dark chocolate, and praline mousse in milk chocolate, elegantly packaged in a heart-shaped fabric box.  

Belgian Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries ($42)

Belgian Chocolate Dipped Strawberries Godiva

Generously hand-dipped in milk or dark chocolate, and presented in Godiva’s elegant gold gift box.

Visit Godiva’s Game Over Game On website  to watch the full video series and enter the Godiva sweepstakes. And for the full Godiva Valentine's Day assortment, which is available online and in stores nationwide, visit