The Kids Consider Christmas Candy

Do you have a favorite holiday candy? Do your parents get it for you every year? What is it?

Peppermint bark. It’s white chocolate with crushed-up peppermints on top, and then you bake it.  We first tried it when my mom went to a cookie exchange at church. You melt the white chocolate in the microwave, then pour it onto a cookie sheet and put the crushed-up peppermint on top.”
—Rebecca, 11
Candy canes! It’s white and red and tastes like peppermint in the shape of an old person’s walking stick. They only sell them around Christmas. They also have green and yellow and red ones that taste more fruity. You get them at the grocery store. They’re minty and a good gift. I also like Chocolate Santas — they can be hollow or solid. You get them at the grocery store or Target.”
—Shaynee, 10
Last Christmas me and my friend bought a big tub of little peppermint sticks dipped in chocolate.  They were all individually wrapped in a big tub from Wal-Mart. I see people give ribbon candy as gifts. It’s like a crunchy hard candy that tastes like cherry or mint. It almost looks like you could wrap it around a gift.”
—Sara, 17
Candy canes! I like the green and white peppermint ones we get at Target. They come in both the J-shape and straight sticks. There’s green apple, cherry, and bubble gum. Usually we also get the chocolate Hershey’s Kisses with peanut butter and the wrapper has gold stripes. I think they have those only around Christmas.”  
—Joshua, 9
Christmas cookies that are shaped like trees or presents; they are sugar cookies. I also see giant chocolate Santas that are like a foot tall at Ralph’s or Vons.”
—Lloyd, 7
Do you eat more candy during the holiday season?
Not around Christmas. I usually eat the most candy around Halloween.”
—Rebecca, 11
I eat more candy at Halloween than Christmas.”
—Joshua, 9
Do you make any seasonal candy purchases on your own?
“The only thing I buy on my own is gum, but I get that year round. Sometimes I’ll buy the Santa Claus chocolates or the Santa Peeps.”
—Rebecca, 11
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