February 2004



Ideas and Solutions for Category Growth

2004 Candy Category Handbook

- Breath Fresheners
The arrival of unique, value-added product options may bring a breath of fresh air to the breath-freshening business in 2004.

- Bulk Candy

Cleanliness has got to be bulk candy’s middle name.

- Caramels

Caramels are charming the industry with their gilded hue and satisfying chew.

- Chocolate
What’s not to adore — the best-loved candy category moves up and upscale.

- Cotton Candy
Put on a happy face with the newest addition in the candy plan-o-gram.

- Fruit-Filled Confections
Fruit and chocolate represent a potentially powerful pairing for retailers and manufacturers.

- Gummies
These lovable, gelatin-mix treats have to keep moving and shaking.

- Jelly Beans
Ever-changing flavor assortments, new packaging formats and well maintained bulk displays can all contribute to jelly bean success stories.

- Non-Chocolate Candy
The Colorful Side of Candy

- Novelty/Interactive

Novelty candy is not supposed to be proper or predictable — so go wacky with this one.

- Peg Bags
As convenience angles play up in a variety of retail channels, this high value/highly impulsive candy category looks for growth beyond traditional convenience stores.

- Premium Confections
They are of another class and they are rapidly multiplying — are you properly showcasing these quality confections?

- Seasonal Candy
Ignore the slight slump in sales; here’s how to make seasonal candy turn, turn, turn.

- Sours
Apparently the sour candy consumer base likes to pucker up and tell.

- Sugar-Free Candy
This is the fastest-growing candy category around, and it presents a sweet opportunity at retail because sugar-free candy appeals to several distinct consumer segments.

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- Candy Category Basics
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- Product Update

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