Halloween 2006

Lindor Truffles get Ghostly
Lindt & Sprungli (USA) Inc.
(603) 778-8100
Lindor Truffles are all dressed up for Halloween in their traditional 5.1-ounce stand-up bags featuring Lindor Milk Chocolate Truffles in an orange Jack-O-Lantern Wrapper and orange bag and Lindor Milk & White Chocolate Truffles in a white-on-black ghost wrapper in a black bag. They are both available in floor shippers and powerwings; the 48-count floor shipper is packed with 24 Jack-O-Lantern Truffle Bags and 24 Ghost Truffle Bags, and the 27-count powerwing is pre-packed with 18 Jack-O-Lantern Truffle Bags and nine Ghost Truffle Bags.
Brainiax and Franken-Fingers
Sherwood Brands Inc.
(301) 309-6161
The latest in Halloween novelty fun from Sherwood Brands includes Brainiax “monster” heads with “alien” brain pops. The key candy attraction — brain lollis with scary alien eyes that “pop” out of Frankenstein, Dracula and Werewolf heads as spooky music plays. The suggested retail price is $1.79.
Franken-Fingers, green-apple-flavored gummy “thumbs on a candy bone,” are available as singles in a 24-count “fast-food” bucket that warns of “frightening finger food”  or in a three-pack.
Halloween Bubbagum Candy Teeth
(651) 695-0520
For trick-or-treaters that want to have their teeth and eat them too, Halloween Bubbagum Candy Teeth are 100 percent edible. The Halloween lineup features four characters with bad teeth including: Count Vlad, the Vampire, and Jolly Old Roger, the pirate. All come with candy teeth, bubblegum and a free sticker in every package. Display options include a 12-piece display tray, 24-piece display tray, and 96-piece wing display.
Ghoulish Gummies  
Candy Tech
(847) 229-1011
Halloween Tins filled with Gummi Frankenstein Brains and Vampire Fangs (each complete with the appropriate Frankenstein head tin and Vampire head tin) are the latest Halloween invention from Candy Tech. Packed 12 tins per display.
Autumn Assortment
R.M. Palmer
(610) 372-8971
These miniature foiled chocolatey bars come in a bag adorned with the signature colors of autumn. The assortment includes four varieties — fudge-filled, peanut-butter-filled, Double Crisp and peanuts. The bags of mini-bars, each of which has a suggested retail price of $5, come packed 12 per case.
Finger Pops
Malibu Toys
(818) 772-7888
Malibu Toys continues to “light up” the candy industry for Halloween. Finger Pops with Spooky Bands are perfect Halloween party favors that come with glow-in-the-dark orange wrist bands and have a suggested retail price of 99 cents.
Haunted Heads and Halloween Pop-Itz
Ford Gum & Machine Co.
(847) 573-0800
Designed to meet the “rapidly growing trend towards school and at-home parties during the Halloween season, Ford Gum’s Halloween lineup includes Haunted Heads Bubble Gum Balls in a 12-ounce bag. These black and orange gumballs feature six different printed Jack-O-Lantern faces, orange- and cherry-flavored, in each bag. They are available in 12-pack display-ready cases with a suggested retail price of $1.99-$2.29.
Halloween Pop-Itz is a push-button action gumball dispenser available in three different Halloween characters in spooky blister card packages. Every blister pack includes Halloween riddles and games and 15 gumballs. The dispenser refills with any standard size gumballs and has a suggested retail price of $1.99. They are available in 12-pack display-ready cases.
Flix Keeps It Poppin' at Halloween
Flix has taken the popularity of the Batman Projector Pop into Halloween. New Halloween Projector Pops feature spooky images of a witch on a broomstick, a spider and a ghost. Available in counter and floorstand displays with “white space” that encourages kids to “try me” and “shine” the projector pop “here.”
And for all those kids wearing “evergreen” Superman costumes, the company offers a Superman Projector Ring Pop. A button on the ring base gets pressed when kids put the ring on their finger — this automatically activates the light which can project three different Superman images/logos. The company’s research shows kids want more images than just one; also, the ring format is the most popular in novelty candy. Variety is likewise presented in the assorted pop flavors: watermelon, green apple, and blue raspberry. Available in 12-count counter displays and 72-count shippers, the Superman Projector Ring Pop carries a suggested retail price of $1.29-$1.49.
Flix Candy/Imaginings 3,
(847) 647-1370