Fruity flavors are a big part of what defines a gummy or a jelly. Therefore, keeping flavors up to date is important for consumers and manufacturers. But don’t forget about what attracts the consumer’s eye in the first place – the packaging.

Last month, Just Born not only introduced vintage packaging nationally for itsMIKE AND IKEbrand, but it also added new flavors to itsMIKE AND IKEBerry Blastvariety. The new flavors are Strawberry, Peach Berry, Wild Berry, Blueberry and Blue Raspberry. The brand’s new retro packaging applies toMIKE AND IKEOriginal Fruits 6-oz. boxes.

Also last month, Sunrise Confections extended its laydown bag line by introducing six new lower weight products, including 12-oz. bags of Orange Slices, Fruit Slices and Spice Drops; 10-oz. bags of Gummi Bears and Gummi Worms; and 8-oz. bags of Sour Neon Worms.

For 2009, Tootsie Roll introduces new flavors and packaging forDots for Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween and Christmas. Additionally, it plans to launch OriginalDots in a 9.5-oz. extra large box and MiniDots in a 13.5-oz. bag. Each bag holds 17 boxes of MiniDots for portion control or snacking on the go.