August 2004

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Selling to Today’s Consumer
- Intro: Selling to Today’s Consumer
Confectioner presents an in-depth report on marketing candy to our nation’s demographic and ethnic population segments.
- Kids
A candy purchase is often the first one a child makes, so make sure it’s a good and memorable one!
- Teens/Tweens
Teens and tweens are the candy connoisseurs, and while a marketing distinction needs to be made between the two—ultimately—they will be targeted as the Millennial Generation.
- Generation X
While this generation may be the toughest to market to, they’ll be the first of the adults to try a new flavor or confectionery treat.
- Baby Boomers
Who cares if they’re on a diet, consumers of this dominant demographic segment have been known to treat themselves—as well as their loved ones—to premium quality (possibly nostalgic) candy.
- Seniors
Don’t continue to misunderstand this misunderstood group. Yes, they typically limit their sugar intake due to health concerns, but they just love buying sweets for their grandchildren.
- Asian Americans
Marketers in other categories have identified the potential with this group of smart and well-off consumers, but candy marketers still have the opportunity to make some inroads—before their competition.
- Hispanics
The majority of marketers now understand the importance of targeting this large, fast-growing minority segment of the population. But there’s more to it than adding a dash of spice to candy formulations and throwing up some Spanish-language signage in the store.
- African Americans
African Americans represent 13 percent of the population. Are you targeting them as candy consumers?
- Men
Sure men buy candy. And if marketers targeted them better, they’d buy even more.
- Women
You can’t ignore this group. Not only is more than 50 percent of the population female, but they make most of the purchasing decisions, and they love candy.
- Today’s Consumer

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