Previously available only on Etsy, Miss Fortunes’ fortune bags are making their debut at the 2023 Winter Fancy Food Show,.

“We have no idea what to expect, said Miss Fortunes co-founder Andrew Robbins. “This could go off the rails at any moment, but there’s no better place to crash and burn than in Las Vegas ... which reminds me, I probably need to make hotel reservations.”

Co-founder and wife Leiah Robbins added: “We were tired of getting the same trite and meaningless fortunes we’ve been getting since we were kids. We thought to ourselves, ‘Wouldn’t it be nice if just once a fortune cookie told it like it is?’ So we like to say that Miss Fortunes satisfies your sweet tooth, but never sugarcoats your destiny...”

“The cookies are sweet. The fortunes are salty!” ... is the warning offered by Miss Fortunes on every bag of 12 hilarious fortune cookies. Consumers shouldn't expect any promises of riches, romance, or adventure from Miss Fortunes; they're more likely to receive a dire prediction of an awkward first date or even a dithering observation about their character.

The distinctive red fortune cookies are sold by the dozen in various themed bags such as, “The Birthday Dozen,” “The Boozy Dozen,” and the best-selling “Dirty Dozen.” But with Valentine’s Day approaching, Miss Fortunes is putting gift-shoppers and party planners on notice about the limited edition "Sexy Dozen."

Miss Fortunes’ offbeat collections are available on Etsy, Amazon, select independent retailers, and