Dynamic Conveyor, a custom conveyor manufacturer located in Muskegon, MI, is debuting its latest product line: DynaPro. After a lengthy research and development period that involved a team of internal and external stakeholders, the company officially launched the new product line in the first quarter of 2023.

The product line answers end user demand for a high quality, low maintenance, low-profile conveyor system at an affordable price that ships in zero to five days from order date. With thirty plus years’ experience engineering durable and sustainable conveyor systems, Dynamic Conveyor was poised to fill the gap.

The DynaPro line offers a wide range of lengths and widths. A variety of conveyor options set manufacturers up for use in various applications, and the conveyor can be easily integrated with additional equipment. In addition to quality and durability, this new conveyor solution includes enhanced features as standard offerings, including reversing and variable-speed.

With the continuous rise of automation in manufacturing plants, the DynaPro line comes at the perfect time to compliment and integrate into applications where there is a need for takeout, transfer, or robot pick/place conveyance. The DC Brushless motors that drive the system offers 30% energy savings that contribute to operational sustainability initiatives.

End Users from the general manufacturing, food manufacturing, parcel and packaging industries have quickly embraced the new product offering. A variety of industries can benefit from the features that are considered add-ons to most other conveyor manufacturers. DynaPro is a durable, flexible, and affordable conveyor that will assist in quickly automating plant processes with ease and reliability.

“There was a gap in the market for a quality, low-profile conveyor that offered modular link style belting with a variety of features that were standard rather than add-ons. We are pleased to fill that need with a high-quality product, at an affordable price-point, and with a compressed lead time that will set new industry standards.” said Matt Zehr, manager of engineering, Dynamic Conveyor.

For more information on DynaPro visit the Dynamic Conveyor Website and/or contact Dynamic Conveyor.