SNAX-Sational Brands’ popcorn brand Cookie Pop and Candy Pop have officially launched Cereal Pop made with Cocoa Pebbles in Publix stores, along with Cereal Pop Made with Fruity Pebbles. Additional retail chains are scheduled to onboard the duo this spring.

Just in time for National Cereal Day on March 7, Cereal Pop Cocoa Pebbles, its second flavor edition to roll out, is now available in Publix stores in a 5.25-oz. limited edition release, retailing at $4.79 to $4.89.

Cereal Pop teamed up with Black Tap, known for their signature over-the-top crazy shakes, for “National Cereal Day” to introduce two specialty shakes featuring new flavor Cereal Pop Cocoa Pebbles made with real Cocoa Pebbles Cereal and the recently launched Cereal Pop Fruity Pebbles made with real Fruity Pebbles Cereal.

“We decided to partner with Black Tap on this initiative in celebration of the launch of Cereal Pop Cocoa Pebbles for National Cereal Day, also launching officially this week in Publix, for our latest and exciting brand expansion," says- Adam Cohen, chief marketing officer of SNAX-Sational Brands Group.