The Good Flour Company has launched Patty Cakes, meticulously formulated to appeal to health-conscious parents seeking alternative to traditional pancake mixes. The product is ideal for school programs throughout North America looking to improve the quality of their nutritional offering to children. Patty Cakes is the first product of its kind to use potato protein which is extracted from the potato skin and the juice is then dried into a powder. This provides a very strong amino acid and neutral taste profile.

Potato protein is a plant-based protein, produced together with the potato starch from starch potatoes. In the process of extracting starch from potatoes, a protein-rich juice is produced. The proteins are then concentrated, purified and dried. Potato proteins contain essential amino­ acids in much higher proportions than many cereals-based proteins or proteins from animals. In terms of taste, it has a neutral flavor, allowing the tastes of Patty Cakes' pancake mix to shine through, and it contains 23g of potato protein per three pancakes.

The Potato Protein Pancake Mix is gluten-free, GMO-free, allergen-free, dairy-free, xantham gum-free, and sulphite-free. 

The Good Flour Company’s founders are international chefs who manage their own gluten-free dietary restrictions. Their recipes were created with one goal in mind: healthy, gluten-free baking that tastes just like the real thing. Their entire portfolio of artisan flour mixes is also free from the top 10 allergens and gives a texture everyone will love, from adventurous diners to at-home chefs looking to break palate fatigue.