According to recent food trends, the demand for global ingredients continues to rise and jalapeño flavors are becoming a consumer favorite. Given that jalapeño cheese is one of the fastest rising flavor combinations, Euro-Bake created its very own jalapeño cheddar artisan style loaf that complements a variety of flavors and ingredients.

Eurobake's new Jalapeño Cheddar Loaf is an artisan loaf made with jalapeño peppers and cheddar cheeses and then topped with shredded Cheddar cheese before baking.

The loaf comes in a 14.1-oz. package with a suggested retail price of $4.99–$5.99.

The loaf should ideally be kept frozen until ready use, then thawing for 45–60 minutes and baking at 400°F for 12–15 minutes.

The Euro-Bake brand, founded in 1993, offers a full range of artisan dinner rolls, sandwich carriers, baguettes and specialty loafs, which are made at our artisan bakery in St. Petersburg, Florida. Euro-Bake breads are made using traditional baking wisdom, such as long fermentation and cold proofing. That baking wisdom is combined with modern production techniques to create breads perfect for today.