Takis, the brand known for its spicy rolled tortilla chip, today announced a new, fire-breathing addition to its snack portfolio with Takis Dragon Sweet Chili.

This latest Takis offering takes innovation to the next level by introducing a new avenue of flavor, all while staying true to its spicy roots. The Dragon Sweet Chili variety has already received positive acclaim, winning the 2022 Product of the Year Award in Canada. Now, Takis is bringing this sweet and spicy snack combination to U.S. fans and consumers.

"Dragon Sweet Chili offers fans and consumers an intensely sweet bite with a ferocious kick of spice that will certainly leave them reaching for another handful," said Sandra Kirkpatrick, marketing director, Takis.

As part of its continued partnership with international recycling leader, TerraCycle, all Takis Dragon Sweet Chili packaging can be recycled via TerraCycle. To get started, make an account on TerraCycle.com, sign-up for the Takis Snacks Free Recycling Program, and mail in your Takis packaging with the prepaid shipping label provided—collectors can even earn donations for schools and nonprofits in the process.

For more information about Takis Dragon Sweet Chili and the brand's growing family of intense snacks, visit Takis.us.

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