Multi-Conveyor recently built a system that transports bagged food products through from one to two lanes of travel. The system features a two-position manual divert gate and a single pin-pull interlock release that allows disconnect of a portable conveyor for relocation.

The project was specifically built for a flexible snack bag product, and Multi-Conveyor used demo snack bags in the video to specifically show that application. However, the technology can be used in any flexible bagged food application.

The fixed position 8” wide by 25’ long table top conveyor employs two 90° curves to shape the system in the customer’s required footprint, feeding a downstream case packer ahead.  An adjoining 13’ straight running portable conveyor can be wheeled into place, pin-locked to the fixed main line, and product sent to an alternate packing destination when required.

Just prior to the first curve, a manual product divert gate was installed to transfer product to the desired packing area.  In this video, we demonstrate how the manual divert is easily moved into and out of position. Multi-Conveyor 1:2 (one-to-two) diverts are used to divide product into two separate lanes of travel include gates, paddles, or guides that can be activated manually or automatically using programmable logic controls. 

A cost-effective pin-in-place interlock marries the conveyors. The connecting straight running section is on 6” diameter castors for portability. This gives the customer flexibility to move the conveyor out of production, allowing operator access to other critical functions.  

The wash down conveyors include slotted cleanout holes and bolted construction with continuous welds. In this case, the motors and reducers were not required to adhere to wash down specifications.