Innova Market Insights’ 2022 Global New Product Introductions Report found that almonds remain the #1 nut for global new product introductions. With 12,198 new products with almonds introduced globally in 2022, almonds are recovering from the COVID slowdown. Other key findings for 2022 are below:

  • The top categories from new almond product introductions are confectionery, bakery, snacks, bars, cereals, and dairy. These top six categories account for nearly 87% of total almond introductions.
  • In general, introductions with almonds have a higher likelihood of health claims. Over 1 in 5 products with almonds feature a gluten-free claim specifically.
  • Globally, almonds were the #1 nut by a large margin among global nut introductions with plant-based, vegan and vegetarian claims.

A graphic overviewing other insights is available at this link.