Many of today’s newly introduced equipment provide jack-of-all-trade features.

Charles Ross & Son completed a variation of the Double Planetary Mixer and Follower Plate Discharge System. The new design combines the Double Planetary with the Follower Plate Discharge System on a common base, permitting easy movement of the mix to the discharge platen after completion of the mixing cycle. In addition, the common base is elevated to allow for discharge to subsequent processing equipment or directly to packaging containers. The two machines can be customized to meet a variety of process requirements, including vacuum operation, jacketing of the mix can and discharge platen, metering systems, and more. Both are available in a wide range of sizes from 1-pint laboratory to 750-gallon production models.
Charles Ross & Son Co.
Hauppauge, N.Y.

ToolBox Bakery Solutions launches dispsoTool, a paperless dispatching system. By using the multicolor Matrix displays, handhelds and PCs, this dispsoTool organizes the recording, staging and picking processes.
ToolBox Software North America Inc.
Fountain Hills, Ariz.

The Fritsch Multiline is the jack-of-all-trades for any bakery, the company says. It’s suitable for a high-performance pre-stage dough sheeter for a monoline as well as a sheeting system that allows bakers to work with high-quality and uninterrupted production of dough sheets on a single line. The Multiline is an easy-to-clean solution that fits in small spaces. The Multiline handles a variety of dough applications, from laminated puff pastry that must be processed at low temperatures, to artisan breads that consist of soft, sticky, high-water content dough types. It also handles dough sheet lines of up to 600 mm and a production capacity of 800 kg per hour.
Fritsch USA
Cedar Grove, N.J.

Thermo Fisher Scientific rolls out out the Thermo Scientific £scan, an in-line guided microwave spectrometer (GMS) that is designed to analyze and measure multiple key properties of food products to improve costs, quality and brand value. The £scan moves the analyzer into the process stream, providing real-time, accurate process information and enables users to save time, materials, production capacity and energy. The £scan also measures bulk properties of a process material down to a fraction of a percent and is ideal for confectionery, nut butters and emulsions industries.
Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.
Waltham, Mass.

The new Peerless rotary shaft seal overcomes many challenges associated with mixers that use standard shaft seals. This design reduces cleaning and maintenance efforts, resulting in less downtime, more consistent product quality and a safer work environment. The new seal technology uses an elastomeric “boot” that rotates with the shaft, eliminating damage or wear caused by migrating product and abrasive buildup in the seal area. The rotary shaft seal also reduces cleaning time and effort, which can lead to less downtime, greater equipment availability and higher production rates.
The Peerless Group
Sidney, Ohio

The Great Western Manufacturing Box Type Tru-Balance sifter is custom designed and built for screening any dry, free-flowing product. Its gyratory sifting motion provides the most accurate separations and includes a dust-tight rotating sieve housing, mounted in a sanitary tubular steel drive frame. The Box Type Tru-Balance drive achieves perfect balance and vibration-free performance by straddling the sifter’s center of gravity with counterweights that offset the rotating sieve housing. The sifter can be configured for up to six separations and can be floor-supported or ceiling-suspended depending on the application.
Great Western Manufacturing
Leavenworth, Kan.

FoodTools unveils a new biscotti slicing machine. Its rotary blade system slices large volumes of biscotti with incredible quality, consistency and precision, and can slice each loaf into portions all at once rather than making each slice separately. The improved machine also increases the efficiency and production volumes of a bakery, and slices other loaf products depending on the product structure and temperature. 
South Haven, Mich.

JEROS USA’s 200XL tunnel washer cleans, sanitizes and dries up to 300 trays, baskets or crates per hour. Capable of handling items up to 18.5 in. tall and 25.5 in. wide, the 200XL offers outstanding washing action afforded by a new and unique system that requires no hold-down of items in the wash tunnel. A long neutral zone ensures complete rinsing and sanitizing. For single-person operation, baskets, trays and crates are placed within the rails atop the unit and pushed to the in-feed end by the next item to be washed. Arriving at the opposite end, the items are gravity-fed into the machine. High-pressure washing and high-temperature rinsing follow before the items emerge at the operator’s location. Options include automatic soap and sanitizer dosage, after-rinse heater and blower for even faster drying, adjustable conveyor speed and a lattice-belt conveyor.
Byron, Ill.

Intelligrated launches a series of sliding shoe sorters. For example, the IntelliSort HS high-speed sliding shoe sorter is designed for high-capacity operations that demand gentle product handling up to 400 cartons and speeds up to 650 feet per minute. The IntelliSort MS mid-rate sliding shoe sorter is ideal for mid-capacity operations that demand a cost-effective solution with more dependable and consistent handling than pop-up wheel sortation solutions. Designed for superior performance and quicker return on investment, the HS produces rates up to 225 cartons and speeds up to 450 feet per minute. Lastly, the IntelliSort LB linear belt sorter works with the most difficult-to-convey products. Its patented belt-slat technology allows for irregularly-shaped products and unpredictable consumer-return items, and provides rates up to 175 cartons and speeds up to 350 feet per minute.
Cincinnati, Ohio

Akro-Mils introduces InSight ultra-clear bins. Made from autoclavable polycarbonate material and available in four sizes, InSight bins provide easy and maximum visibility and improve organization and efficiency. InSight bins’ patent-pending “lock-in-place” design optimizes valuable storage space by allowing bins to be securely stacked, even with lids in place. The molded rear hanger lip easily hooks InSight bins onto rails or louvered panels for added storage versatility. The bins can be stored anywhere from small desktop spaces to larger workstations.
Akro-Mils, a division of Myers Industries, Inc.
Akron, Ohio

A new insulated, quick-clean Centri-Sifter high-capacity Centrifugal Screener from Kason Corp. features an insulated jacket that maintains the temperature of hot or cold materials being sifted, while keeping the machine’s exterior skin closer to room temperature for personnel safety. It also offers a three-bearing shaft that cantilevers for rapid removal of internal components. The unit is equipped with clean-in-place spray balls for rapid sanitizing, using steam or a cleaning solution, without removal of internal components. In addition, the screener breaks up soft agglomerates and/or dewaters moist solids or slurries.
Kason Corp.
Millburn, N.J.

Flexicon’s TIP-TITE Drum Dump Feeder seals drums against a discharge cone, tips the drum and feeds bulk material into downstream equipment. This pre-engineered, pre-wired and ready-to-plug-in-and-run system accommodates drums from 30 to 55 gallons.
Flexicon Corp.
Bethlehem, Pa.

*Photo courtesy of The Peerless Group