Good equipment can be hard to come by, but thanks to this lineup of bin washers, sifters, fryers, depositors and more, customers have tons to choose from.

To complement the existing lineup of automated bin washers, Douglas Machines developed a new model that has the flexibility to wash and sanitize two stainless-steel or plastic bins at the same time, eliminating the need to buy two separate machines to double the throughput. The Douglas Model BW-2000 saves water, chemicals and labor while reducing the incidence of injury normally associated with trying to hand wash these types of heavy containers.
Douglas Machines Corp.
Clearwater, Fla.

Sifter Parts & Service developed an inspection porthole on its line of CS-1 gyratory sifters that allows easy access to visually inspect 100% of the screen area without the need to disassemble the sifter. The view port is easy to use and requires no tools; operators simply unscrew two wing nuts and remove the metal cover plate. The optional view port is available on select decks for the CS-1 sifter and includes front and rear side portholes with cover plates, self-adhering gaskets for the cover plates and nylon wing nuts.
Sifter Parts & Service, Inc.
Wesley Chapel, Fla.

Heat and Control’s new MasterTherm Kettle Fryer (MTKF) uses a thermal fluid heat exchanger to deliver up to 80% thermal efficiency and more than 500 finished lb. per hour of batch fried potato chips. MTKF can produce any style of kettle chip with excellent consistency. Oil heating is gentle and uniform throughout the fryer, yet rapidly adjusts to changes in product load. Standard features include continuous fines removal, electro-plated heat exchanger tubes, Chip-Stirr automatic slice agitation system, PLC control for repeatable batch quality, a full-length hood to conserve energy and protect oil quality, a clean-in-place system and stack Oil Mist Eliminator.
Heat and Control, Inc.
Hayward, Calif.

Diversey Inc. introduces the Fryer Boil-Out (FBO) program. Designed to clean carbonized soils from fryers and other industrial food manufacturing equipment, the One Step FBO enhances the traditional fryer cleaning process by significantly reducing the amount of cleaning and rinsing time, energy, chemical and water used, thus increasing efficiency and providing customers with a more sustainable method for cleaning commercial fryers and contributing to a healthier, safer and cleaner environment. The One Step FBO streamlines the process into one simple procedure using a combination of highly effective products and cleaning processes that eliminate up to 65% of water and energy, 30% of chemical and 49% of the time required. The One Step FBO program also offers a customized fryer audit, a cost calculator, specialized technical support and ongoing results monitoring for each user.
Diversey, Inc.
Sturtevant, Wis.