Between kettle fryers, conveyor ovens and rotary airlock valves, this roundup of equipment is equipped with all the right pieces to outlast any job.

Designed specifically for sanitary processing operations, the Quick-Clean Series of rotary airlock valves from ACS Valves aids in regulatory standard and practice compliance, reduces cleaning and sanitizing time and simplifies inspection. The tool-less, clean-in-place design enables full access to the rotor and all internal surfaces of the housing without time-consuming disassembly of the endplate, or the concern for accurate rotor re-alignment during re-assembly. Plus, the 8-vane rotor design eliminates excess pressure loss through the system, ensures cost-efficient upstream and downstream material management and reduces process energy consumption.
ACS Valves
Ontario, Canada

V-Blenders, which are designed for the intimate, dry blending of free-flowing solids that vary in bulk density and percentage of total mixture. All Ross V-Blenders are supplied with intensifier bars to permit de-lumping and de-agglomeration as needed. In addition, they are manually operated via butterfly discharge valves and come equipped with safety railings, stainless-steel support stands and fully-integrated motors and controls.
Charles Ross & Son Co.
Hauppauge, N.Y.

Heat and Control’s new MasterTherm Kettle Fryer (MTKF) can produce 500 finished lb. of batch fried potato chips per hour. Cooking oil is heated gently and uniformly throughout the fryer by a thermal fluid heat exchanger, which is immersed in the oil. Generous spacing between the heating tubes facilitates cleaning and eliminates areas where fines can accumulate. Each tube expands independently, greatly reducing damage caused by thermal stress. Tubes are electro-polished to simplify cleaning. A full-length hood covers the kettle for safety and retains heat for high-energy efficiency. It also has steam blanketing to purge oxygen and prolong oil life, lower exhaust volume and a clean-in-place system to reduce sanitation labor.
Heat and Control, Inc.
Hayward, Calif.

Lantech presents a patent-pending Load Seeking Clamp 4.0, designed to reduce film breaks by holding onto the film, preventing film breaks and releases at the clamp. At the beginning of the wrapping cycle, the clamp goes out to the edge of the load, creating clamp-to-load contact regardless of the width of the load. This eliminates sagging issues and maximizes containment at the bottom of the load.
Louisville, Ky.

Banner-Day introducesSmartSpark, a revolutionary conveyor oven ignitor/sensor that provides highly reliable burner ignition and flame sensing when used in a conveyor oven. This stainless-steel ignitor/sensor enables precision control of conveyor oven burners while offering ease of installation. And it can be used independently and integrated into overall total oven control systems.
Saginaw, Mich.

Douglas Machines introduces TriVex, a fully automatic top-loading case packer that erects, loads and seals cases. TriVex operates at 15 cases per minute depending on case size, and is fully integrated, which means less product handling, case handling, maintenance of additional equipment and floor space. It comes with an application-specific loader, end effector and infeed solutions for an array of products such as flexible bags and pouches, semi-rigid and/or rigid trays, tubs, cups, cartons and over-wrapped products.
Douglas Machines Corp.
Clearwater, Fla.

A new 18-in. diameter Centrifugal Impact Mill Model CIM-18-SS from Munson Machinery provides coarse to fine (400 mesh) grinding of friable materials into controlled particle sizes, as well as de-agglomerating and conditioning of dry solids. A direct-drive system reduces the unit’s footprint to about half of that required by a belt-driven machine, allowing installations in restricted areas. High-speed rotation of the inner disc creates centrifugal force that accelerates bulk material entering the central inlet of the opposing stationary disc. As material travels from the center to the periphery of the discs at high speed, it passes through a “treacherous path” of five intermeshing rows of rotating and stationary pins with the desired tight particle size distribution obtained by controlling the rotor speed. It also provides high throughput rates per horsepower relative to machines employing screens, hammers, knives or rolls, depending on application.
Munson Machinery Co., Inc.
Utica, N.Y.

American Fabric Filter debuts a portable reclaim sifter for sifting small batches of dry powders. This versatile sifter is capable of batch-sifting up to 600 lb. an hour and may be operated sitting atop a drum or using the optional adjustable height-rolling base for easy relocation around the plant. It also comes with one framed screen, motor speed controller and a sliding shut-off door.
American Fabric Filter Co.
Wesley Chapel, Fla.

A new Vibroscreen Flo-Thru low-profile screener from Kason Corp. classifies bulk material into three fractions at high rates. It employs two screening decks and two unbalanced-weight gyratory motors mounted on opposing exterior sidewalls of the unit instead of one motor positioned beneath the screening chamber, significantly reducing minimum height requirements. The design also allows vertical alignment of the top inlet and bottom outlet, allowing the smallest fraction to descend through the screener in a straight-through path at high rates; the larger fractions are ejected through spouts at the peripheries of the coarse-mesh upper screen and fine-mesh bottom screen.
Kason Corp.
Milburn, N.J.

Spiroflow Systems introduced “CABLEflow” tubular cable drag conveyors, designed for applications requiring gentle handling or for those requiring conveying both to and from multiple points in a circuit.CABLEflow conveyors transfer friable bulk products from single or multiple infeed points to single or multiple discharge points with little or no damage. Other benefits include totally enclosed dust- and contamination-free handling, operation in three planes to allow for complex circuits and the elimination of transfer points using only a single drive, metered or flood-fed capability. They also handle hot, cold, wet, dry, hygroscopic or temperature-sensitive materials, minimum product attrition due to gentle conveying action, minimum material residence and build-up due to round construction and operation under pressure differential or insert purge.
Spiroflow Systems, Inc.
Monroe, N.C.

Akro-Mils introduces a smaller size bin and new rack design for its innovative easy-flow gravity hopper system. The new smaller, lighter 31620BLUE hopper has a 6-gallon holding capacity, assisting end users in material handling and 5S processes. It also features a compact and space-saving vertical design, a large, angled top opening for easy filling, first-in-first-out sliding divider shelf for proper lot rotation and ability to use on a rack or louvered panel or mounted on a wall or workstation.
Akro-Mils, division of Myers Industries, Inc.
Akron, Ohio

Sensor Products offers the Tactilus electronic pressure-mapping system, designed to allow measurement of contact pressures between two mating surfaces. This system reveals critical pressure distribution problems that can compromise package integrity. Applications include quality control monitoring for uniform pressure across sealing dies in heat seal and sealing machinery and characterization of nip impression pressures in the nip between rollers in converting machinery. Pressure readings are captured as the sealing surfaces make contact, and the software analyzes the data from the sensors within a pad, enabling the engineer to view data on a computer screen and make adjustments to the heat-sealing equipment.
Sensor Products Inc.
Madison, N.J.

*Photo courtesy of ACS Valves