The American Institute of Baking/AIB International School of Baking, based in Manhattan, Kan., will be hosting a 16-week Baking Science and Technology course Aug. 25-Dec. 17.

This course is a rigorous, intense class that covers the following topics:
•    How key bakery ingredients function and interact in baked products
•    What processes are critical to successfully make finished products
•    How and why changes in ingredients and/or processes affect baked goods
•    The science of baking
•    Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) for the food industry
•    Management and leadership tools needed to be successful in the food industry today
•    Valuable problem-solving and problem prevention techniques

Attendees/students also will learn how to improve product consistency and quality in a plant, as well as how to reduce waste, develop more efficient production methods and improve morale through better production management techniques.

To enroll, contact Ken Embers, career development manager, at, or Marilyn Sparks at Go to to learn more about the course.