Along with cheese packaging, now packages for tortillas from brands such as Mission andGuerrero, both run by Gruma Corp., expand the breadth of TerraCycle’s packaging waste collection programs. 

Tortilla and tostadas in low-density polyethylene (LDPE) plastic bags from brands such as Gruma Corp.’sMissionandGuerrero, which bag their tortillas and tostadas in low-density polyethylene (LDPE) plastic film, are being “upcycled” via the services of New Jersey-based TerraCycle, which will reclaim the tortilla packaging and use it to make new tortilla holders and other consumer products. It will also collect packaging from the companies' dips and salsas.

While LDPE film is technically recyclable and identified by the #4 resin code, it’s not commonly collected in recycling programs.

TerraCycle already collects waste from various Kraft Foods products such asCapri SunandLunchables, and will now take packaging from itsKraft Naturals, Velveeta, Philadelphia, Athenosand other cheese products.

TerraCycle receives packaging from consumer collectors and companies that provide extra packaging materials or waste packaging from their operations. TerraCycle and the companies that sponsor collection programs for their wastes typically pay 2 cents per piece of packaging to the non-profit of each collection brigade's choice.