To create energy-efficiency buzz during its Oct. 4 meeting, ABA launches the ENERGY STAR Challenge, which will discuss and determine the metrics bakers can use as part of the challenge.

The American Bakers Association (ABA), Washington, D.C., will launch the ENERGY STAR Challenge for the baking industry during its Oct. 4 meeting in Chicago. ABA will discuss and determine the metrics bakers will use as part of its ENERGY STAR Challenge-a 10% improvement in five years-and introduce Walt Tunnessen, national program manager for ENERGY STAR.

“This is the first step for our industry to gain recognition for its efforts to become more energy efficient,” says Rasma Zvaners, policy director for ABA. Kroger, an ABA member company, will also present at the meeting and share its experiences about the ENERGY STAR program in the dairy industry. ABA will begin registering bakers to take the challenge this fall and will hold another webinar on Nov. 8 for those bakers unable to attend.  

ABA also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to promote increased energy efficiency for the baking industry. Through the agency's ENERGY STAR program, ABA and EPA will collaborate to provide valuable energy management tools to help promote increased energy efficiency among the U.S. baking industry. The voluntary program is supported by businesses and was introduced by EPA in 1992. The program enables businesses to clearly identify the energy management practices that can help achieve energy savings.

“The baking industry is enthusiastic about the opportunity to participate in the EPA’s ENERGY STAR program,” adds Zvaners. “ABA is pleased that the members will receive recognition for energy efficiencies they are pursuing as part of the baking industry’s commitment to sustainability.”

According to the MOU, ABA plans to:
•Encourage U.S. bakers and suppliers to participate in the ENERGY STAR program and use its energy management tools and resources.
• Provide opportunities for forums where industry, ABA and EPA may interact on the use and development of energy tools.
• Assist with the development of an ENERGY STAR Energy Performance Indicator to benchmark the efficiency of bakeries and recognize plants with top performance.