From the Floor

“Real-time” Technology Ensures Consistent Quality
“We pride ourselves on producing the world’s best-tasting pork rind and constantly challenge ourselves to find new and better ways to produce the consistency and quality that our customers demand.” Thus stated Jim Rudolph, president and CEO, Rudolph Foods.
Rudolph explains that it was the drive for continuous improvement that led his company to employ the cutting-edge product monitoring technology offered by Thinkage. Rudolph processes USDA-approved pigskins to produce pork skin pellets and, eventually, fully-cooked pork rinds. Production of the pellets requires processing the pigskins in multiple steps for a lengthy period of time during which a number of parameters have to be monitored to ensure consistency of quality, appearance, and flavor.
Rudolph’s management understood that controlling process variables was crucial to controlling quality variables, so they invited Thinkage to install BOC’s proprietary Think Gates technology in their Lima, Ohio processing plant.
Thinkage placed calibrated sensors on Rudolph’s pork-rind processing line. The sensors monitor the state of the product as it is being processed. They can detect temperature, moisture, humidity, weight distribution — and virtually any other parameter that directly impacts product quality, including sequencing and timing of procedures and other product manipulations such as tumbling, heating, and sizing. What makes Thinkage unique is that the information from the sensors is sent in real time to Rudolph’s operators on the plant floor who are equipped with wireless tablet PCs. The operators now can see what is happening to the product and if necessary make instantaneous adjustments.
“Every day, Thinkage on-site coordinators are here in the plant working alongside our operators and supervisors, helping them make better decisions to improve the product in real time,” says Bruce Roberts, Rudolph Foods’ vice president of operations.
“The result,” says Roberts, “is that we have been able to dramatically reduce product variability and improve quality and consistency. We have even seen an increase in throughput.”
As an added bonus, Rudolph’s has been able to use the data collected by the monitors to create a historical record that can be used to review process variables and understand their relationship to product quality. “This is the first time that we have been able to look at process variables on a real-time basis. And when you can do that, you have a real winner,” Roberts acknowledges. 1-678.514.3026 • Fax: 678.579.9069
Kess Industries introduces its newest coating equipment, a Half Icer with optional Glazer and String Icer attachments. The Half Icer coats the bottom and then flips the product, the Glazer top glazes the product and the oscillating String Icer applies strings of icing. Stainless steel construction and wash down duty components make for excellent cleanability and dependable equipment. Units are available in any glazing/icing combination or separately. Other options include air-blow off and tank level control. 1-800-578-5564 See us at IBIE Expo
The .175-in. crinkle head assembly from Urschel offers processors more waves and slightly deeper waves than the standard crinkle head assembly. Standard crinkle head assembly offers slices with 3-1/3 waves to the inch, while the .175-in. crinkle head offers 5.7 waves to the inch. The .175-in. crinkle head assembly is currently available in magnesium aluminum bronze. 1-219-464-4811 IBIE Booth # 2215
Intralox’s new Series 1600 Nub Top belt provides the triple benefit of easy product release, gentle transfers and easy, effective cleaning for processors conveying sticky, delicate products. Surface nubs create a “lifting” effect to prevent products from sticking to the belt and closely spaced nubs accommodate very small products. To prevent product sticking in the incline/decline applications, No-Cling flights featuring vertical ribs on both sides are available. 1-800-535-8848 IBIE Booth # 4363
The new UltralYte from Formers of Houston is manufactured with lightweight materials, weighing at least 50% less than conventional bag forming assemblies. It also requires less time and physical effort to load, unload and change out and is ergonomically safer to handle than bulkier assemblies. The UltralYte concept adapts to any bag forming assembly, regardless of size, shape or style. The former uses FDA-approved coating for safety and durability. 1-800-468-5224
FMC FoodTech introduces the Electronic Seasoning Applicator, offered exclusively by Allen Systems. This new design of electrostatic seasoning for powder, oil, and slurry coating is an environmentally responsible way to apply coating materials, significantly increasing the quality of the finished product while substantially decreasing powder/oil costs through more effective materials. Other advantages include an increased transfer efficiency, reduced over spray, reduced dusting or misting emissions and more. 1-800-246-2034 IBIE Booth # 5029
The compact in-store flour tortilla system from Casa Herrera is designed for supermarket and restaurant use and perfectly meets the requirements of in-store and in-restaurant production of tortillas. Easily operated, it works with great efficiency to form, press, bake and cool moderate quantities of flour tortillas. It can produce limited pita bread, chapattis and pizzas as well. The cooling conveyor has three stainless steel conveyor belts with extended incline discharge, a three pass baking oven with atmospheric combustion and more. Additionally, the electrical safety interlocks and disconnects and the six heaters per platen offer optimum heat distribution and lower amperage use. 1-800-624-3916 IBIE Booth # 5021
Fritsch offers the Multiline and Multicut. The basic versions of the machine are compact at 4.2 m and 6.5 m respectively. Switch cabinets are integrated into the machines and the flour strewing units are integrated into the protection hoods. Also, the cross roller and calibrating unit form a space-saving entity. Dough sheeter capacity ranges from 100 to 800 kg per hour, and due to a multitude of additional units, there is an almost unlimited abundance of product ideas. Both machines are coordinated by a start-stop connection or horizontally networked via Ethernet and electronic control. Modern touch-screen technology allow for easy handling of products. 1-708-388-7766 IBIE Booth # 4873
The Fred D. Pfening Company offers the Model 110A Proof Box manufactured with specifications to order, such as number of lanes wide and racks deep, rack dimensions and electrical power supply voltage. The company manufactures material handling, proofing and liquid metering systems. 1-614-294-5361 IBIE Booth # 4141
Hybrid ovens from Spooner Vicars have a modular design that offer radiant and convection bake in the same oven. A percentage of DGF, forced convection, cyclotherm to suit the product, give this easily controlled and flexible oven an even bake and make it a fuel-efficient machine. The number and size of zones is almost limitless. Spooner Vicars also offers oven ancillaries like prover loaders and unloaders, oven loader and unloaders, feed and delivery end terminals, band polishing units and more. 1-330-342-8244 IBIE Booth # 3480
Blue Print Automation introduces the Robotic Vertical Packer, with a patented high-speed collation method. The case packing system is ideal for vertical case packing of flexible bags and fragile products such as bags of chips and other snacks. The machine can reach up to 150 bags per minute, has a small footprint and simple design. 1-804-520-5400
Shick USA’s Tote Systems are used to store and transfer various liquid ingredients. The totes feed a reservoir from a pump that draws product and distributes it out to one or more use-points. When the tote is empty, the inline level switch sends a signal to a PLC or local indicator. Typical reservoir design provides at least 15 minutes of changeover time. Standard equipment includes a tote adapter, a sanitary inline switch and more, all mounted on a 304 stainless steel tote stand. Options on the machine include a 40-gal. tank for larger batch sizes, a sanitary strainer, a sanitary magnet trap, mass flow meter and tank heater. 1-816-861-7224 IBIE Booth # 3251
Packaging Progressions, Inc., manufactures stainless steel interleavers and a full line of modular counter stackers for the efficient and sanitary handling of tortillas, empanadas, pitas and various other portion-controlled bakery products. The PPI-200 accurately and consistently places a pre-programmed sheet of film, foil or paper under dough portions at speeds up to 1,100 dozen per lane. Single or multiple lanes of product are conveyed to PPI stackers, which automatically count and stack portions into uniform groups. The stackers can be used in conjunction with PPI interleavers or with other processing equipment and can accommodate a great variety of sizes, shapes, fresh, frozen and very delicate products. 1-610-489-8601
Introducing the patented C-Cure Edge open-mesh, stainless steel wire belting from Wire Belt Company of America, specially designed to enhance productivity and upgrade safety in the production environment. The belts have closed-looped ends, eliminating tangling and minimizing risk of accidents from sharp or burred open ends. The belts run side by side without snagging or catching. The C-Cure Edge belts are ideal for food applications like breading, enrobing, cooling and frying. 1-603-644-250 IBIE Booth # 3920
The Shaffer Single Sigma Arm Mixer Model SOFD (Sanitary Open Frame Design) is manufactured with a #304 Stainless Steel Product Zone featuring an ultra sanitary stainless tubular frame. The high torque two speed TEFC motor is frame mounted with direct drive to the agitator shaft, eliminating the need for belt or chain. Standard features include hydraulic bowl tilt, pneumatic flour gate, liquid inlets in the canopy and a touch-screen operator panel with PLC interface. The mixer is ideal for mixing rotary cut doughs, wire cut doughs, corn masa, sweet doughs, muffins, fillings and granola/energy bars. 1-630-257-5200 IBIE Booth # 3919
Sonoco’s distinctive composite can is made of 100% recycled paperboard with a metal bottom. The can is strong yet lightweight, protecting fragile products inside from crumbling. Instead of a traditional ring-pull opening system, cans, like Leclerc Vienna Wafer Rolls, can feature Sonoco’s UltraSeal peelable membrane closure that requires minimal strength to pull away from the top of the can. The metal rim of the can is gently rounded with no sharp edges so there is no threat to fingers or hands. 1-800-5-SONOCO
The heavy-duty SuperGrain Model P3 Cross-Grain Moulder from Peerless is a precision sheeting and molding system designed to produce quality white breads, variety breads, baguettes and string products. Features include a powered infeed conveyor with adjustable pre-sheeting roller and self-centering adjustable side guides, four roller sheeting head with cast iron side frames, table top pan conveyor and self-centering pan guides, a stainless steel exterior, heavy-duty stainless steel sheeting head base and more. Options include a double eliminator, a 3-dimensional sheeting head, casters for portability a remote electrical panel and other options.1-800-999-3327 IBIE Booth # 3171
Belt conveyors from Meyer Machine combine proven designs with durable construction. The belt conveyors are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations to accommodate inspection, cooling, storing or transporting of products. Featuring a modular design that allows for change, these conveyors offer a wide range of options including stainless steel or mild steel construction and a choice of bed, belt, pulley or discharge options. 1-210-736-1811
Christy Machine Co. offers the Dust-Rite economical flour duster. Ideal for flour dusting on a bread production line, the Dust-Rite uses two urethane wiper blades, both with a striated finger system for the best in flour depositing. The adjustable shut-off fingers are customized to specific areas of deposit, and the sanitary design provides a continuous, controlled flow of flour. IBIE Booth # 1307
The T-PAK 550 from O/K International is a new, high-quality concept in bag handling and sealing technology. The machine is a combination of a heavy-duty conveyor system, with a full-width compression belt, and the OK Supersealer SS2 bag sealer machine. The result is a heat sealing system for many applications, including products like pizza and tortillas. Benefits of the machine include removing excess air from the bags, optimum seal quality and aesthetics, mobility and easy access for maintenance and ideal for use in food processing plants and harsh environments. 1-508-303-8286 IBIE Booth # 4021
TNA introduces the ROBAG 3, the latest in packing machinery. The patented stripper/tube-closer enables the machine to pack an even wider range of products with ease, including, potato chips, pretzels, tortillas, and more. It is capable of packing up to 220 bags per minute on a Rotary Double Jaw configuration. Jaws, knives and drive belts can each be changed in 60 seconds, and all digital and servo technology enables rapid product changeover and eliminates 60% of moving parts with no mechanical adjustments for operators. 1-972-462-6500
A new system for packaging premium bread fast and efficiently has been developed by Formost Packaging Machines using a Formost model GT-4 or JV-60 horizontal bread bagger at the beginning, end or both ends of the line, or at one end with an existing bagger at the other. The high-speed system reduces bottlenecks, saves cost in equipment changeovers and increases throughput. For added versatility, the sealer can be easily replaced with a closure unit for running standard pound and a half loaves, and the second bagger can be designed to package two loaves in a single outer bag for club packs. 1-425-483-9090 IBIE Booth # 3505
APV Baker offers its Accurist 9000 divider. This knife and ram divider offer superb accuracy. The divider is portable and can be moved away from its base docking station, making cleaning easier and faster than ever. Performance features include Silverstone coating on the tilting stainless dough hopper, polymer wear surfaces, variable frequency drive, safety disengagement clutch, adjustable ram pressure and self-oiling. These features enable the machine to deliver sustained scaling accuracy and reduce long-term ownership costs to a minimum. 1-616-784-3111 IBIE Booth # 4151
Split-top bread and rolls are easily produced using the Burford Water Splitter and Butter Applicator. Following an accurately applied stream of low-pressure water which splits the proofed product, a stream of melted butter is applied into the split, producing an attractive product with special appeal. Features of the machine include stainless steel construction, removable covers, a tank with both heating and cooling capabilities allowing a paste form of butter to be applied, dual pneumatic pumps for constant flow, and more. 1-800-654-4530 IBIE Booth # 2405
For both bakers and snack producers alike, one of the most versatile commercial vans on the market is the Dodge Sprinter. Among its many assets are its three-wheelbase lengths, two-roof heights and powerful, fuel-efficient 2.7 liter CDI turbo diesel engine. Configurations range from cargo van to passenger van to cab chassis. 1-800-4ADODGE
The Burford Model FD200 Flour Duster evenly applies flour to the top of bread or buns. The flour topping is easily controlled using the DC controller, and has an optional stand. The maximum dispense width is 36-in., with various speeds and 1.5-cu.-ft. hopper capacity. 1-405-867-4467 IBIE Booth # 2405
Christy Machine’s salt and fine granular material dispensing machines provide precise control. Applications include sodium-content mixtures and other free-flowing materials, which are controlled with accuracy almost to the granule. Precision and continuous dispensing occur for materials ranging from superfine to coarse, including ranges of salt, flour salt, fine granular toppings and non-food granules. The c-frame mount on casters allows easy movability, and brackets, rails and pivots can be furnished for attachment to horizontal or vertical surfaces. 1-888-332-6451 IBIE Booth # 1307
The Peters Double & Split Deposits from Peerless features speeds up to 800 sandwiches per lane and most basic shapes can be used to produce double and split deposit sandwiches like rounds, squares, rectangles and specialty shapes. The technology also allows a standard run of 40 mm to 70 mm as well as smaller and larger base cakes. A wide variety of fillings can be used, such as creams and peanut butter. Cheese and jam and sandwiches can be discharged or stacked flat in rows or counted groups. 1-800-999-3327 IBIE Booth #3171
The roll & bread line from Oshikiri Corporation of America features custom configurations with other bakery equipment and is FDA, USDA, BISSC and UL approved construction for the bakery industry. Also available on the line are adjustable alignment rollers, molding conveyor with pressure boards, side guides, flattening rollers, rest conveyor, cross grain molding and more. 1-215-637-6005 IBIE Booth #3629
Spooner Vicars Final Prover ensures consistent, even temperature and humidity levels throughout the proving environment ensuring repeatability while keeping reliability, hygiene and maintenance in mind. The machine has a low-maintenance conveyor design, rapid retard system, low temperature/high heat transfer convection baking system, faster bake times and even bake. 1-330-342-8244 IBIE Booth #3480
The new FastBack Revolution Seasoning Application System from Heat and Control offers superior seasoning coverage, more accurate seasoning application rates, a smaller footprint for reduced floor space, faster changeover and cleaning and less product breakage. Designed specifically for packaging and on-machine seasoning applications, the system’s foundation is the gentle FastBack horizontal motion conveyor. It’s slow-forward fast-back motion cuts product breakage up to 60% compared to vibratory conveying. Seasonings remain on the product and do not build up in the conveyor pan. The Revolution slides delicate baked products into a revolving drum that is integrated into the FastBack conveyor and is flush with the bottom of its pan rather than dropping them, eliminating major product drop and excess product breakage. 1-800-227-5980 IBIE Booth #3850