From the Floor

KEY-PAK Has Packaging in the Bag
Lebanon, N.J.-based KEY-PAK Machines has an expanded line of bagging machines that reaches out to varied markets that require products to be packaged in flexible, heat-sealed materials that are commonly used in the packaging industry.
“Meeting the challenges of our customers has often resulted in the development of innovative design techniques that have improved on cost-effective and efficient means to packaging solutions,” says Chris Wanthouse, director of sales and marketing for the company.
“All our KEY-PAK models are built for maximum flexibility and easy, quick changeovers from one bag size to another,” he adds. “We build each packaging system to meet the expectations of our customers’ needs.”
Enhancements on some of KEY-PAK’s hallmark design approaches have been met with considerable success in the hospital hot/cold-pack application industry with a new automated approach to handle the instant “single use” medical pack.
“[With] our noteworthy, simplistic approach, KEY-PAK still maintains a design philosophy that our end users appreciate,” says Wanthouse. “With longer run times and lower parts consumption, KEY-PAK Machines save you time and money.”
KEY-PAK offers a wide range of machine systems that handle large and small packages in both retail and institutional markets. 1-908-236-2111.

Flexibility is Key with Urschel Equipment
Urschel Laboratories, Inc., of Valparaiso, Ind., manufactures more than 40 different models of food-cutting equipment used in processing plants worldwide. Urschel produces high-capacity slicers, dicers, shredders, granulators and mills engineered to run continuously in rugged production environments.
Urschel Engineering developed TranSlicer Cutters for ease of use, versatility and simple washdowns. Different types of slices can be achieved by simply changing the slicing wheel and adjusting the belt speed, and hinged and sliding access panels promote easy maintenance.
The DiversaCut 2110 Dicer was designed to take up minimal floor space. This dicer, while compact in stature, accepts a large infeed of up to 10 in. in any diameter and maintains a high-volume output of a wide variety of dices and strip cuts. The DiversaCut also offers hinged and sliding access panels. Certain dicers also offer changeover tools, which enable one operator to switch crosscut or circular spindles without assistance. While developing new machinery is one common goal for the company, Urschel continues to expand on the versatility of its long-standing industry workhorses as well as introduce more types of cutting heads for its Model CC in order to offer more styles of cuts to existing CC customers.  
“Customers are looking for the right mix of capacity, accuracy of cuts and versatility for their specific applications in addition to machine reliability and availability of spare parts after the sale,” says Debra Novello, senior marketing analyst for the company.
As such, Urschel offers several Product Test Cutting Facilities where customers can have their specific product test-cut on a range of Urschel’s cutting equipment, free of charge. A detailed report is then given to the customer outlining important data pertinent to that particular application. This provides added insight to assist customers in making an informed decision as to which Urschel system suits their needs best.  
“Once customers determine which cutters fit best with their lines, their focus turns to examining the machine’s reliability factor and the continued availability of spare parts,” explains Novello. “Spare parts are essential to lessening downtime.”
Urschel keeps a multimillion-dollar inventory of thousands of spare parts ready to be shipped to waiting customers. 1-219-464-4811.