When You’re At the Food Safety Summit,   Your Company’s QA Program Wins Big!  

You’ll Stay Ahead, Stay on Top
To stay current in food safety and quality, you need to be here. No other place has as many new ideas as The Food Safety Summit. So your company profits from the newest methods and technologies, and stays ahead of changing risks. Because “I didn’t know” is no excuse.
Get Solutions You’ll Really Use
The Summit is about real-world solutions for your business. Not theory, but actual hands-on techniques that you’ll apply in your facilities.  You’ll see how your company can deliver quality products better, faster, cheaper. And you’ll find over 200 exhibits of vendors who can help you do it.
You’ll Learn From The Best
You’ll be “toe-to-toe” with the brightest, best minds in our business. There’s no substitute for the career-building connections you make when you’re here in person with the leaders in our field. From plant sanitation to new regulations, you’ll learn from the people who know how it works.
100% Money-Back Guaranteed
You actually get a 100% money-back guarantee that you’ll find The Summit worthwhile. In one trip,  you’ll see more exhibits, hear more experts, and do more networking than at every other meeting combined, or we’ll refund your money. Guaranteed to pay off, or your money back.