OK Corp.’s new T-pak 750tm is Designed to Automatically Seal Bags Coming Down a Packing Line or off an Automatic Bagging Machine. the System is Equipped With a Variable-angled Conveyor With Powered Back Belt, With the Company’s Reknown ok Supersealer Mounted Onto the Conveyor, Equipped With a T-pak Infeed. the T-pak 750tm Pulls the bag up to the Product, Which Then Proceeds Into the ok Supersealer for That “perfect Seal.” Each T-pak 750tm is Custom Built to Meet the Needs of the Customer. for More Information, Contact ann Kellett, 1-508-303-8286, Akellett@okcorp.com.

J.E. Grote Co. revolutionized the frozen pizza industry in 1972 with the world’s first slicer/applicator, the Peppamatic. Grote Co. recently enhanced the design of its slicer, and as such, its new Peppamatic features all electric, state-of-the-art design with servo tube linear technology; an open frame, stainless steel construction; up to a 25% increase in throughput capacity; and more. 1-888-534-7683

The SP-12 is Hinds-Bock’s new model tabletop piston filler, which is an economically priced labor saver ideal for small to medium packers of liquid or semi-liquid products.  The machine is ideal for jams, sauces, purees and batters. Manufactured from stainless steel, the SP-12 can be disassembled in minutes without tools for sanitizing. 1-877-292-5715

Charles Ross & Son Co. offers the Laboratory Triple Shaft-VersaMix with an explosion proof control panel. The new model is completely enclosed, and all components are shrouded for safety and to enhance the overall look of the unit. Included as standard features are a reverse vertical lift to raise mix can to mixing position, self-contained explosion proof control panel, single point hook-up, variable speed controls and inverter duty motors, two-handed raise and lower controls. The “VMC” Model is designed to mix a wide variety of products requiring a combination of low-speed and high-speed agitation. 1-800-243-ROSS

Earn bigger profits in production and packaging of round or oblong hearth breads or coffee cakes with release-coated, corrugated baking pads from TrayBon Bakery Packaging Systems. Compatible with pan-baked or hearth-baked products and manual or automatic production methods, the pads provide a no-stick platform, which carries product through production, proofing, baking, cooling and finishing, then straight into the shipping box, without further handling. TrayBon pads feature the best release coating available, precluding the need for silicone baking paper or release spray. Additionally, their unique micro-fluting allows quicker heat transfer than larger fluted corrugated pads, permitting higher baking temperatures, less oven time and increased productivity. 1-800-876-2569

Shaffer Manufacturing Corp. has launched a new Web site, www.shaffermanufacturing.com. Shaffer produces a wide range of innovative, durable and reliable mixing systems for the baking industry. From stand-alone mixers to fully automated, integrated mixing systems that include dough pumps, incline conveyors, dough chunkers, trough elevators, stainless dough troughs and dough reclaim slurry systems, Shaffer has it all. 1-630-257-5200

Saf-T-Gard International, Inc. has launched Saf-T-Gard Online, a real-time Web-based portal. Accessed at www.saftgard.com, Saf-T-Gard Online permits registered users to log into their accounts at Saf-T-Gard, place orders, view their company’s custom-pricing schedule, check on order status, view invoice status and create shopping lists for regularly purchased items. Additionally, Saf-T-Gard customers can choose to set up multiple users, with individual user names and passwords, and each user can be granted full access, or their access can be limited to inquiry only. 1-800-548-GARD

Agtron features a full line of instrumentation that includes full-spectral, CIELAB and Super-Abridged formats. The company’s application expertise in both process control and product grading make the transition from art to science simple and end-user friendly. Agtron’s versatility is unmatched, with instruments that are designed to withstand the rigors of the production environment, making them ideal for both laboratory and plant operations. 1-775-850-4600

Auto-Bake has fused modern continuous baking technology with traditional stone hearth baking methods as a way to address worldwide demand for the authentic forms and flavours for artisan-style breads. The new Serpentine system is ideal for authentic production of baguettes, buns, sourdoughs, ryes, Turkish bread and ciabatta. This compact bread-baking solution also features radiant-heated stone hearth baking surfaces, ensuring accurate replication of the color, texture, crustiness and shape of traditional handcrafted bread products. To learn more about Auto-Bake’s range of advanced Serpentine baking solutions, visit its exhibit at iba 2006 in Munich, October 3-9, in hall B3, stand B3.412/511.
The Universal 1000 Depositor from Unifiller Systems, Inc. is “The World’s Fastest Single Piston Depositor.” It also is versatile, allowing operators to deposit batter, fruit filling, icing, jam, cream, custard, mousse and more. The system be fitted with more than 100 standard attachments. 1-800-370-8947

The Videojet 1310 ink jet printer from Videojet Technologies Inc. now is available with a simpler user interface. Compared to the previous 1310’s interface, the new one reduces the operator’s learning curve and training time, thus speeding up integration. The 1310 printer is designed to start and stop without the need for cleaning, with an automated backflushing nozzle that minimizes downtime by automatically cleaning itself at start-up and shutdown, even after idle periods. 1-800-843-3610

IPL Packaging’s full line of Tamper Evident containers and pails offers the widest range of Tamper Evident injection-molded plastic packaging in North America. Containers/pails range in size from 8-oz. containers to six-gallon pails, making them ideal for retailers, foodservice operators, wholesale markets, restaurant operators and consumers.

Convey heavy loads quickly and cleanly with the FastBack 260E horizontal motion conveyor from Heat and Control. The system delivers twice the product travel rate of comparable conveyors and can handle loads up to 60,000 lb. an hour. The 260E does not bounce product like a vibratory conveyor, so it significantly reduces product breakage and build-ups in the pan, eliminating mid-shift downtime for cleaning. 1-800-227-5980.

Ashworth’s Advantage RL 75 hybrid conveyor belt makes installation, maintenance and sanitation a snap. The hybrid conveyor belt combines a stainless-steel backbone with acetal plastic links and offers greater pull strength on spiral and turn-cure applications. Its patented rod-locking system allows for fast, easy assembly without welding. 1-540-665-1331. www.ashworth.com.
Unifiller Systems, Inc.’s Pronto is “The World’s first “No-Touch” depositing solution for completely emptying buckets! The Pronto provides a versatile depositing solution that is rugged, dependable and compact, offering an effortless way to continually deposit non-particulate products such as batters, cream cheese, custard and butter. 1-800-370-8947.

Ishida’s new RS series of multihead weighers from Heat and Control deliver superior accuracy and performance at an affordable price. Available in 14- and 16-head models, Ishida RS weighers integrate simple operator controls with advanced load cell technology. Clear and easy-to-follow interactive menus facilitate weigher set-up and operation. The 200 product presets provide fast, repeatable changeovers. 1-800-227-5980.