Masipack N.a.’s Masi-taper Case-taping Machine is Fully Portable, With Automatically Adjusted Side Rails and Mast Assembly, and Offers Flexibility at a Reasonable Price. the Masi-taper Uses Standard Rolls of Tape, With no Proprietary Issues to Cause Concern.
Masipack N.A.
Lakeland, Fla.

Heat and Control, Inc.’s new HeatWave fryer system uses curtains of oil to continuously fry-pop small amounts of pellet snacks. HeatWave uses a dramatically lower oil volume than batch or immersion fryers. Oil curtains produce snacks with a superior texture, and rapid oil turnover assures fresh flavor. The self-contained system includes an oil filter, pump and external electric heat exchanger, making HeatWave ideal for snack processors or pilot plants.
Heat and Control
Hayward, Calif.

Hinds-Bock Corp.’s new 6P-04 with servo motor moves the entire filler for spreading product during the fill cycle or to shift the filler for filling into multiple targets. Positive shut-off spouts with an adjustable blow-off feature help maintain a clean fill zone. A tool-free tilt hopper and spout plate, along with two-piece strong back, allows for disassembly in under a minute without tools.
Hinds-Bock Corp.
Bothell, Wash.

The DataFlex Plus thermal transfer overprinter from Videojet Technologies, Inc. can now print at speeds up to 40 in. per second (1,000 mm. per second) and code more than 425 packages per minute. The bi-directional ribbon drive allows unused ribbon to be recaptured following each print. This maintains a 1-mm. gap between prints for the complete length of the ribbon, creating more prints per roll. Additionally, the overprinter can display and print Arabic language characters.
Videojet Technologies, Inc.
Wood Dale, Ill.

Auto-Bake’s Serpentine continuous proofing system provides an optimum humidity proofing environment and can be tailored to deliver flexible proofing times and variable proof-to-bake ratios. It features an ultra-compact design and an S-shaped transport path. Trays are conveyed over multiple levels without tipping and are independent of the oven, allowing makeup and forming to take place on existing equipment.
Lemont, Ill.

C. Cretors and Co. offers the Diplomat large concession series of 32-oz. suspended kettle popcorn machines. These high-volume machines feature a lift-up kettle cover design that maximizes corn expansion. Cretors’ exclusive hot air “Cornditioner” forces hot air through the popcorn to keep it dry and crisp. In addition, a single thermostat controls kettle temperature for optimum popping. The kettle popper is equipped for an automatic oil pump and two-stage charcoal exhaust system.
C. Cretors and Co.
Chicago, Ill.

Dorner Manufacturing Corp.’s new Dual Input Interface VFD Motor Control comes ready to install out of the box and is ideal for small to mid-size material handling projects. Its uses include indexing applications, changing conveyor belt speed and powering add-on accessories. Features and benefits include 115V/230V single-phase input voltage, 230V/460V three-phase input voltage, two input locations for control devices, up to two HP and motor overload protection.
Dorner Manufacturing Corp.
Hartland, Wis.

The heavy-duty random case sealer from MARQ Packaging Systems, Inc. features a welded 3/16-in. steel frame and automatic case centering for sealing up to 15 cases per minute. MARQ’s side lug drive conveying system assures positive case travel through the machine. This system is designed for use with glue sealing for RSC/RSC Gap Flap cases. MARQ machines are custom-built to customer specifications. All components are available in the USA.
MARQ Packaging Systems, Inc.
Yakima, Wash.

Baker Perkins, Inc. has upgraded its biscuit-forming machinery. Laminators now feature advanced motion-control technology that improves the precision of the sheet positioning and lay-down. Sheet forming, gauging and cutting make use of an integrated plant control system that achieves better control of dough sheet thickness, faster response, on-the-run adjustments and lower energy consumption. Another option for sheet forming and cutting lines is a centralized control panel.
Baker Perkins, Inc.
Grand Rapids, Mich.