Unifiller, Delta, B.C., says that it’s important to take some key points into consideration when selecting a new bakery depositor. First, does the depositor manufacturer understand your needs? Many bakeries run into the challenge of inconsistent filling weights, which affects the taste and look of their products; and ultimately their profits. The right equipment provider will “fine-tune” the depositor for a customer's ideal recipe configuration.

Second, does the manufacturer provide value-added services prior to a purchase? The right provider understands that the purchase of a depositor can be a business-critical decision for a bakery. That’s why they offer bakeries the option to test the depositor with “real” products before they buy.

Third, does the equipment require extensive training or setup? Bakers want to focus on baking. They don’t want to waste valuable production time trying to setup and train staff on a complex machine. Before working with any equipment provider, make sure to ask questions about installation, footprint, the ease of setup, ease of use, disassembly and cleaning.

Stay tuned for more tips for choosing the right depositor. Unfiller offers depositors, transfer pumps, filling machines and cake decorating equipment for various budget and production volumes for the food and baking industry.