Winning entries of the 2012 Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards Competition, sponsored by the Flexible Packaging Association (FPA), Linthicum, Md., include the top or Highest Achievement winner, Orville Redenbacher’s Pop Up Bowl, manufactured for ConAgra Foods by Phoenix Packaging.

The bowl package is said to be a significant improvement over conventional microwave popcorn bag formats, and allows new usage occasions by providing improved utility for the user. The patent-pending design delivers to consumers a microwave popcorn package that transforms into a stable, wide mouth bowl which can be shared and used on the go without spilling. It is claimed to be the most complex lamination ever produced for high volume microwave popcorn packages.

Other winners include Schwan’s Fresch Taste-Seal packaging for Freshchetta Simply Inspired…Pizza, made by Curwood, Inc., a Bemis company, and the Zeal for Life Protein Shake Pouch, made by CL&D Graphics, Inc. More information about the awards is available from the FPA at