Delkor Systems’ new robotic loader allows maximum production efficiency when loading products such as nutritional bars into tri-seal cartons. The compact machine can load 400 bars per minute, with multiple bars per pick, into single- and multiple-layer cartons.

The robot cell incorporates an articulating, end-of-arm tool designed to gently yet accurately control the bars during loading. Cartons are accurately indexed into the cell and positioned for loading via servo-driven side belts. The walk-in frame design features full-length doors that provide easy access for housekeeping between production runs. Built with sanitation in mind, the unit features a robust stainless steel and materials approved by the Food & Drug Administration on all surfaces coming into contact with food.

Fast and easy product changeover for a wide range of carton sizes and bar lengths is completely tool-less and can be performed in less than five minutes using no-change parts.

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