Equipment Briefs JulyBoot sanitizing station

Best Sanitizers Inc. announces its new HACCP Defender low-moisture, automatic boot sanitizing station. The unit adds an additional layer of pathogen protection by reducing cross-contamination from boots before employees enter a food-processing area or other critical-control zone. As an employee steps into the station, an infrared sensor closes the four pneumatic doors and delivers a finely atomized mist of Alpet D2 Surface Sanitizer, a food-processing industry standard, to the bottom of the boots. The mist provides ample coverage to boots, yet uses only a small amount of chemical, which results in reduced chemical waste and improved moisture control. The HACCP Defender uses a one-way, pass-through design to support traffic flow and further reduce cross-contamination. It is constructed in the U.S. from 304 stainless steel and measures 36 in. wide x 38 in. long x 45 in. high.

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Optical sorterOptical sorter

Equipped with custom-designed Multivision camera technology, the SORTEX A MultiVision high-capacity optical sorter from The Bühler Group is designed to deliver exceptional yield through superior defect and foreign material detection. The unit is suited to a wide variety of dry commodity applications, including nuts, seeds, coffee and grain. Blighted product from a range of foodstuffs also can be targeted, including such mycotoxins as sclerotia from sunflower seeds, vomitoxin from wheat, fusarium from barley, ergot from rye and aflatoxins from peanuts and tree nuts. The unit’s five-chute design provides processors with maximum sort configuration flexibility, providing both re-sort and simultaneous sort on the same machine. It has sorting capacities of up to 15 tons per hour, depending on the commodity and application.

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On-machine seasoning systemOn-machine seasoning system

Global packaging solutions specialist tna launches the intelli-flav OMS 5 for on-machine seasoning (OMS) applications. The latest version of the intelli-flav seasoning range, the OMS 5 offers consistent coverage and flavor for both wet and dry seasoning. Fully integrated with both oil-spray and flavor-injection systems, the unit provides total control of adhesion and fast flavor changes for snack lines. In addition, the OMS 5 features a responsive, variable mass seasoning system with dynamic vibratory weigher to directly control oil spray and powder flow into the drum. With a simple, modular design, the system is fully enclosed for increased hygiene levels and easy cleaning.

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Tubular cable conveyor

Tubular cable conveyor

Flexicon Corp. introduces the FLEXI-DISC line of tubular cable conveyors for the gentle transfer of friable food products. The conveyor moves material using polymer discs affixed to a stainless-steel or galvanized cable that slide within smooth stainless-steel tubing, moving fragile food products gently, quietly and dust-free, horizontally, vertically or at any angle, through small holes in walls or ceilings. The system can have single or multiple inlets and outlets and conveys over short distances or hundreds of feet or meters. Modular system components in 304 or 316 stainless-steel include tubing, drive-wheel housings, tension-wheel housings, metered and non-metered inlets, and discharges with and without valves, as well as accessories for wet or dry cleaning, including CIP sanitizing.

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Tubular cable conveyorBar-code reader

Designed for the factory floor, Cognex Corp.’s upgraded line of DataMan 8000 series industrial, hand-held bar-code readers is now equipped with proprietary Cognex Hotbars image-analysis technology for fast bar-code reading performance and Cognex 2DMax+ algorithm for decoding of 2D-printed and direct-part marketing (DPM) matrix codes. New features also include a rapid, dual-focus image-acquisition routine that enables the readers to decode a wide range of bar-code sizes even faster. The DataMan 8000 series is available in two base models: DataMan 8500 readers, which incorporate patented UltraLight technology for superior image formation on any code type and surface; and DataMan 8100 readers, which include all of the features of the DataMan 8500 readers as well as bright field illumination.

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An icer/glazer from Hinds-Bock applies string icing and waterfall curtain icing onto a wide variety of panned and unpanned products. The device uses a double-walled, heated and agitated tank with high-quality, variable-frequency pump and filter assembly. The oscillating icing head is used for string icing, while the adjustable waterfall trough is used for curtain icing. The conveyor uses a two-part, pass-through, wire-mesh construction with catch pans; an optional, removable, center belt section is used for icing small unpanned products. Other features include by-pass to prevent icing from solidifying, a variable speed conveyor and a two-piece, roll-away design. Left- and right-hand versions are available.

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Rotary airlock valvesRotary airlock valves

ACS Valves’ new line of cast-iron rotary airlock valves features the ACS RotorRail, which enables tool-less access to the rotor and all internal surfaces of the housing without having to disassemble the rotor or remove from service of upstream or downstream equipment commonly associated with standard valve configurations. ACS cast-iron rotary airlock valves with RotorRail reduce rotor service cycle times by 78%, according to the company, and increase total process uptime by 18% during a typical eight-hour operating shift. The rotary airlock valves are available in sizes from 6-16 in., with pressure differentials up to 15 lb./sq. in. gauge (psig), and a temperature tolerance up to 500 F. deg. Rotor configurations include closed-end, metering, shallow-pocket, Teflon-coated and adjustable-tips in stainless steel, hardened steel or bronze.






Case sealersCase sealers

Suitable for small and growing companies, Eagle Packaging Machinery’s EZTAPE sealing solution is available in two semi-automatic models: CS12 for taping standard cases; and CS-12H for heavy, tall and narrow cases. Both models require an operator to manually fold all flaps prior to the case entering the tape sealer. For complete automation, Eagle offers the CSA12, which eliminates the need for an operator to fold the flaps before the case enters the sealer. All EZTAPE sealers come with heavy-duty, side-belt drives and side-mounted rollers that ensure square cases and tight seals. All models can apply tape to both the bottom and top of cases.

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Polyester felt

American Fabric Filter Co. now stocks dual-density polyester felt, which the company says provides more efficient filtration and a true difference in fiber blend on the cake and clean side. The felt features support scrim, which separates fine fibers from coarse fibers. AFF says it uses scrim-supported felt exclusively in its filter bags to improve their quality and lifespan. Dual-density polyester felt also helps lower emissions and finer dust.

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Colborne Foodbotics’ new Multi-Adjust piston depositor allows bakers and food producers to control each piston with a simple hand adjustment. According to the company, this is particularly beneficial when running multi-flavored packages (variety packs with different flavors in the same package) or wider format applications, where center weights can be heavier than side-to-side weights. Features include standard width formats (20 in., 30 in., 40 in. and 50 in.); up to 60 cycles per minute; pneumatically controlled pistons or optional motor drive; hopper dividers for multi-flavor applications; an air reservoir for efficient pneumatic operation; various shut-off valves options that incorporate drip-free depositing; C-frame or standalone options; and optional PLC controls.







Bag SystemBag system

The Integra valve bag system from Haver Filling Systems Inc. is a completely self-contained valve-bag filling system for loose, bulk materials, including flour, sugar, grain and seeds, into paper, PE and PP bags. It can be equipped with up to four filling spouts and offers a production rate of up to 15 bags per minute. Featuring full automation, the INTEGRA is designed for easy one-person operation. The entire bagging process can be completed within the self-contained system, limiting operational noise, while still allowing easy access to crucial maintenance points through oversize panel doors. Large windows offer a full view of operation, and the dust-proof enclosure reduces cleaning requirements.

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FlexLink AB says its X65 conveyor is designed for low-friction, low-power consumption and a long service life. Depending on the application and choice of drive unit, the power consumption is 8-44% less than the company’s previous high-efficiency drive units. The X65 operates at speeds double those of previous conveyor generations—up to 120 m./min. The X65’s noise level, on the other hand, is low. In most common applications, it’s on par with a typical office level; compared to industry standards, it’s up to 80% less. The conveyor’s design allows maintenance intervals to be more than double compared to today’s standards.

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