The Human Machine Controller from Maple Systems combines an HMI and PLC in one unit. With customizable input/output, the HMC accepts up to five plug-in I/O modules with varying configurations of digital and analog inputs and outputs. The unit is available with a 3.5-in. or a 5.7-in. touchscreen display, each equipped with six function keys adjacent to the screen. One software application programs both the graphic interface and the ladder logic for improved performance and efficiency. In addition to offering a standalone solution, the HMC can integrate with an existing system serially and supports many popular communication protocols.

Maple Systems          

Everett, Wash.



A new Vibroscreen two-deck sanitary classifier from Kason Corp. separates up to 6 tons of bulk solid material per hour into three fractions. The dust-tight, gravity-fed, 30-in.-diameter unit contains two horizontal screens located one above the other in a vertical, cylindrical housing on a circular, spring-supported base. Quick-disconnect clamps between each screen frame provide quick interior access for inspection, screen changes and washdowns, while an unbalanced-weight gyratory motor affixed to the housing imparts vibration. The classifier is available in diameters from 18-10 in. Options include an air-lift device that pneumatically raises the screen frames, clean-in-place spray nozzles and automatic lubrication systems.

Kason Corp.

Milburn, N.J.



Schneider Packaging Equipment’s two-axis, servo, high-speed laners maintain a continuous product flow and eliminate the need for accumulation or start/stop operations of intermittent motion. Built for versatility, durability and fast changeover of multiple products, the laners transport all types of product containers: bottle, can, carton, plastic and paper.

Schneider Packaging Equipment Co. Inc.

Brewerton, N.Y.



The Deco-Mate from Unifiller Systems was developed to replace the conventional pastry bag. The unit enables operators to quickly and efficiently decorate cakes and cupcakes with little training. It also can help reduce work-related injuries, such as carpel tunnel syndrome.

Unifiller Systems Inc.

Delta, British Columbia



VASSOYOAIR air pneumatic tray formers from Eagle Packaging Machinery are designed to run an extensive range of corrugated tray designs, including produce, citrus, Bliss, showcase and display. Built with a heavy-duty, welded steel tubular frame and low-maintenance drive, the tray formers can produce large trays at speeds of up to 22 trays per minute and come standard with quick changeover. Additional features include an Omron PLC, a Nordson glue system, access panels for easy setup and maintenance, interlocked safety gates and doors and a valve control exhaust for quiet operation.

Eagle Packaging Machinery, LLC




Delkor Systems’ robotic loader allows maximum production efficiency when loading products such as nutritional bars into tri-seal cartons. The compact machine can load 400 bars per minute, with multiple bars per pick, into single-layer or multilayer cartons. The robot cell incorporates an articulating, end-of-arm tool designed to control the bars during loading. Cartons are accurately indexed into the cell and positioned for loading via servo-driven side belts. A stainless-steel frame and Food & Drug Administration-approved materials on all food-contact surfaces help address manufacturers’ sanitation requirements.

Delkor Systems




OCTAL’s new direct-to-sheet process (DPET) eliminates five energy-intensive stages of the conventional sheet production process (pelletizer, solid state polycondensation [SSP], compactor, dryer and extruder) because it enables polyethylene terephthalate (PET) to arrive at a calendar stack, heated to the proper temperature. As a result, the material doesn’t have to be dried and re-melted from granular form, thus eliminating the chance for contamination to enter the system and ensuring that the finished polymer is fully devoid of moisture. This enables absolute resin traceability. DPET results in a material that has superior clarity and gloss, and can be printed on.





Wire Belt introduces the Versa-Link conveyor belt for light- to medium-duty applications.  Designed with Advanced Link Rods, the linking rods splice in as little as 30 seconds without the need for special tools or welding, and connect in the center, leaving no weak points. A lightweight, metal alternative to heavy flat-wire belts, Versa-Link’s unique spacing pattern offers product support to the belt edge, while Wire Belt’s Forged Edge Technology eliminates catch points and sharp edges. The forged edges won’t break, snag or snap off during production, the company says, which keeps lines running safely and efficiently. Versa-Link also offers tight transfer and can be easily retrofitted on existing equipment. The belt is suitable for a wide variety of applications such as breading, battering, cooling, coating and frying.

Wire Belt

Londonderry, N.H.



The SCORPION 2 R&D Profiling Kit from Reading Thermal is designed specifically for traveling research and development engineers or corporate engineers. The compact kit allows users to characterize environment temperature, product core temperature, airflow, energy transfer and moisture in two passes through the baking process. It can be used to profile ovens for research, product development, product transfer and oven matching in the field without the use of a computer on the factory floor. Included in the kit are a SCORPION 2 Data Logger Package (S2 Data Logger, Smart Charger, SV8 software, thermal barrier, cables and gloves), a R&D Smart Sensor (Multi-element sensor: temperature, airflow, heat flux and product core temperature), product probes (three standard and three hypodermic); and a 20-in. carry-on, roll-aboard case with a retractable pull handle and wheels. An optional humidity sensor is also available.

Reading Thermal

Sinking Spring, Pa.



Bosch Packaging Technology’s new packaging system integrates a stick-pack machine and a flow wrapping machine. A seamless interface between the primary and secondary packaging machines maintains output quality, helps eliminate downtime and ensures the system provides optimal performance. The primary packaging consists of the 10-lane, vertical Sigpack RA stick-pack machine, which provides precise dosing through its patented servo-controlled filling augers. Filled and sealed stick-packs are counted and grouped before moving to the secondary packaging unit, the Sigpack HCM horizontal flowrapper, which can wrap up to 1,000 stick-packs per minute and provides manufacturers with extensive flexibility.

Bosch Packaging Technology

New Richmond, Wis.



A one-piece system for both wet and dry seasoning and flavoring, tna’s intelli-flav OMS 3c provides even coverage at throughput rates of 100-500 kg. per hour for a wide variety of applications. Configured for on-machine seasoning, the unit can be used to apply liquids, liquid flavors, slurries and dry powders, and as a standalone seasoning system for small snack lines. Features include two high-precision, continuous spray guns with a wide variety of nozzles; a design 17 flight drum that gently turns the product without excessive lifting; a vibratory in-feed conveyor to even out product before it is weighed and moved into the tumble drum to be seasoned; and a redesigned spray lance
offering improved access to the guns for easy maintenance.

tna North America Inc.

Coppell, Texas



The Graybill Pattern Topping Applicator from Graybill Machines lets bakers apply toppings such as chocolate curls, pecan pieces and candy pieces to products in neat patterns with little waste. The unit can easily apply round, elliptical, square, rectangular and shaped deposit patterns. Registration adjustment while running, quick changeover and easy washout are standard features when this servo-driven applicator is installed on Graybill’s Dean Process machines. 

Graybill Machines Inc.

Lititz, Pa.



Romer Labs and Germany’s ifp Institut für Produktqualität introduce EnzymeFast, a new enzymatic food analysis product line that transfers traditional enzymatic methods to a microtitre plate kit format. The EnzymeFast microtitre plate test kits employ highly purified and specific enzymes in a convenient and high-throughput format that allows for rapid and economic testing of different kinds of foodstuff and beverages. Developed by ifp and distributed exclusively through Romer Labs’ global sales network, the line currently encompasses test kits for different types of sugars, but soon will include kits for alcohols and acids.

Romer Labs Inc.

Union, Mo.