Caravan IngredientsCaravan Ingredients 

Caravan Ingredients introduces Ultra Fresh Sweet, a high-performing alternative to simple enzymes, gums, starches and sugars. According to the company, Ultra Fresh Sweet creates superior eating quality for more than 45 days in a variety of products, including yeast-raised donuts, sheet cakes, cupcakes, pastries and muffins. This extended freshness capability allows for expanded retail distribution possibilities, fuller shelves for enhanced selling opportunities, fewer stale products and an extended sales window. For commercial manufacturers, the longer freshness cycle offers more dwell time in the warehouse as well as in transit. It also provides higher quality through freeze-and-thaw cycles. Ultra Fresh Sweet is available in the same Classic, Premium and Supreme product lines as the original Ultra Fresh.

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Huntsman PigmentsHuntsman Pigments 

Launched by Huntsman Pigments at the IFT13 show in July, TIOXIDE Purity 71 pigment is a dry-milled anatase titanium dioxide pigment for the food industry. The pigment is used to achieve opacity and deliver color in a wide range of food and food-related products, including frosting, ice cream, powdered milk, sauces, savory snacks and ready-made pasta and rice dishes. According to the company, the pigment is simple to use, easy to disperse and classed by the Natural Food Colours Association (NATCOL) as being derived from natural sources.

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Wixon Inc.

Wixon introduces several new topical seasonings for chips, nuts, popcorn and other snacks: Ancho Chili For Nuts (the flavor of roasted chili); Corn on the Cob (butter and grill notes); Everything Bagel (inspired by a popular bagel topping); Ghost Pepper (made with five different chili peppers); Ginger Sesame (sweet ginger combined with sesame); Mandarin Teriyaki for Nuts (a combination of garlic, orange, ginger and soy); Maui Onion (a sweet-and-salty seasoning); Mexican Chocolate (a chocolate-and-cinnamon profile), Meyer Lemon (a citrus blend); Sweet & Salty Praline (brown sugar and nutty notes); and Tequila Lime.  

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Huntsman PigmentsPenford Food Ingredients

Penford Food Ingredients’ PenNovo MD is a line of potato-based maltodextrins that build solids, provide minimal viscosity and act as flavor carriers for multiple food applications, including baked goods, bars, frosting, glazes and frozen desserts. They’re also dispersible, heat-stable, shear-stable and highly soluble. Furthermore, they contain no genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and are non-allergenic and kosher. 

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Penford Food IngredientsGum Technology Corp.

Coyote Brand GumPlete SXCT-GF-707 from Gum Technology Corp. is a stabilizing system for gluten-free brownies that contains xanthan gum, tara gum, tapioca flour, rice flour and citrus fiber. According to the company, it mimics the texture of a full-gluten brownie, reduces dryness and graininess and provides structure.  

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Gum Technology Corp.DeutscheBack GmbH & Co. KG

Developed by DeutscheBack GmbH & Co. KG in collaboration with sister companies Mühlenchemie GmbH & Co. KG and SternEnzym, TopBake Quinoa Bread, TopSweet Quinoa Poundcake and TopSweet Quinoa CupCake—three new baking premixes—extend the range of quinoa products into bread and flour confectionery. TopBake Quinoa Bread is a concentrate created using a mixture of 90% wheat and 10% quinoa flour. TopSweet Quinoa CupCake and TopSweet Quinoa Poundcake work well for flour confectionery. According to DeutscheBack, bakers can achieve the best results using the products in conjunction with 10% quinoa flour, vegetable oil and wheat flour. Muffin recipes can contain cocoa powder, fruits or nuts.

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