Shelf-life enhancer

Frutarom Savory Solutions introduces Origanox OS-T, an oil-soluble variant within its portfolio of natural plant extracts that helps maintain the freshness, taste and quality of baked goods, extruded snacks and fried foods throughout their shelf life. The extract remains stable and active at temperatures of more than 180 deg. C, which are commonly achieved when baking, extruding or frying. In addition, it’s free from emulsifiers, doesn’t impact the finished products’ taste or smell and can be labeled as “natural flavor” or “natural plant extract,” according to the company. It’s available in liquid form and is said to be easy to use.

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Sodium reducers

Kudos Blends is showcasing several new sodium reduction innovations this month at the 2014 IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo in New Orleans. KUDOS Potassium Bicarbonate is a sodium-free, alternative carbonate source that bakers can use to replace sodium bicarbonate and achieve sodium reduction. An alternative to sodium aluminum phosphate (SALP), KUDOS SALP Replacer is a zero-aluminum leavening acid that provides a match for the distinct gas-release profile of SALP in both batters and dough products, enabling bakers to remove aluminum from formulations, while maintaining end-product quality.

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Shelf-life extender

Ultra Fresh Premium 300, a new bun life extender from Corbion Caravan, keeps buns and rolls softer and more resilient longer. At the same time, the product allows bakers to reduce the amount of sugar, high fructose syrup and yeast that they add to formulas. Other baenefits, according to the company, are less baking time in the oven, lower costs and increased profits.

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NonGMO fact sheet

Ingredion Inc. is offering a new fact sheet titled “Non-GMO Ingredients—Move to the forefront of the non-GMO trend with Ingredion.” The publication explains how the company has one of the broadest portfolios on nonGMO ingredients for the food and beverage industry, including sweeteners, texturizers and nutritional ingredients. Ingredion says its TRUETRACE process, which protects nonGMO purity via third-party-audited best practices for segregation and documentation of nonGMO maize, and enrollment in the Non-GMO Project verification system, are the backbone of its nonGMO program.

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Egg white alternatives

Arise 6000 and Arise 8000 wheat protein isolates provide many advantages and are suitable for inclusion in flour-based products, such as pasta, noodles, bread, coatings and pre-dusting agents, says MGP Ingredients. Arise 6000 possesses a minimum of 85% (N x 6.25, dry basis) protein and demonstrates exceptional elastic properties. It can be used to increase dough extensibility, water absorption, bread-loaf volume and crumb firmness, while decreasing dough mix time. Arise 8000, which features similar benefits, averages a minimum of 94% (N x 6.25, dry basis) protein. According to the company, it also shows enhanced mixing capabilities, along with high viscoelastic properties, and can be labeled “natural,” because it is unmodified.

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Freeze-dried strawberry

Van Drunen Farms offers freeze-dried strawberry ingredients year-round in a variety of forms: Powder; multiple dice sizes; sliced; and whole. It also produces freeze-dried strawberry that’s lightly oil-coated to reduce dust, which aids in production and helps the product retain its color. Freeze-dried strawberry is certified kosher and available certified organic. Extremely versatile, the product can be used in muffins, cookies, energy and nutritional bars, trail mixes, granola and other products.

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