Topical seasonings

Wixon Inc. introduces three new topical seasonings for chips, nuts and other “popable” snacks. Brown Sugar & Marshmallow is an indulgent seasoning feature marshmallow, brown sugar and spice notes. Complete Me Cappuccino is a comforting blend of coffee and rich cocoa flavors. Honey, It’s Me, Cinnamon, combines the flavors of butter, honey and cinnamon to create a topping for snacks.

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Gluten-free baking aids

DeutscheBack GmbH & Co. KG extends is range for gluten-free breads with TopBake Rice Bread QSD, TopBake Fresh 60 and TopBake WA Pure. TopBake Rice Bread QSD is a gluten-free, sourdough that gives gluten-free bread a darker crumb and tastier flavor. TopBake Fresh 60 (Rice) is an enzyme system that delays crumb aging, while TopBake WA Pure (Rice) offers superior water-binding capacity for a moister crumb. All three ingredients also enhance shelf life and succulence.

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Caramel products

Daffy Farms, formerly Daffy Apple, introduces a new line of easy-to-use caramel products for the bakeries, grocery chains and the foodservice trade. The line comprises All Natural Baker’s Caramel, All Natural Dipping Caramel, Traditional Dipping Caramel and Red Candy Dipping Caramel. The caramels are produced with nonGMO corn syrup, fresh cream, pure cane sugar and butter and contain no artificial flavors or colors. They are available in a range of sizes and can be packed in microwaveable tubs.

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Tortilla system

Comprising high-performance ingredient solutions for leavening, conditioning, preservation and extensibility, AB Mauri North America’s Supremo Tortilla System can be tailored to deliver specific tortilla types, based on individual requirements. The company developed a formula builder tool that allows manufacturers to select dosage and ingredients specific to their desired tortilla type. The Supremo Tortilla System ingredients work in synergy with one another, resulting in enhanced quality. The system also requires manufacturers to use fewer ingredients, enabling them to simplify their operations, reduce their costs and inventory and offer cleaner labels.

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Part of Palsgaard A/S’ new range of nonhydrogenated, trans-fat-free, nongenetically-modified emulsifiers, Palsgaard PGE 1155 is an all-vegetable, liquid emulsifier that, when used with the appropriate monodiglycerides, works in whipped cream margarines and fillings, cake margarines, shortenings and other fat systems for cake baking. For whipped cream margarines or fillings, Palsgaard PGE 1155 provides an emulsifier system with a good effect on aeration, structure and stability. In cake margarines, Palsgaard PGE 1155 can be used to provide volume and a very fine or soft crumb structure. It also improves performance in many bakery applications. The range will be launched at IFT 2014.

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Algal oil

Using standard industrial fermentation and proprietary technology, Solazyme produces High Stability Algal Oil that it says reliably delivers a consistent, high-oleic and low-polyunsaturated fatty acid profile, unaffected by environmental risks and profile variations seen with most seed crops. Other benefits are 0 g. of trans-fat per serving, low levels of saturated fats, stability, neutral flavor and color, reduced polymerization and excellent shelf life. Applications include sweet bakery and bakery, cakes, crackers and spray coatings.

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