Whole-grain corn flour

Didion Milling’s new HarvestGold whole-grain corn flour is designed to meet the growing demand for whole grains in snacks, baked goods and other products. It contains
approximately 8% protein and is high in total dietary fiber, as well as in the antioxidant ferulic acid. Insoluble corn fiber in the product can help regulate blood sugar, improve laxation and provide satiety,
according to the company. Naturally gluten-free, HarvestGold can also be incorporated into gluten-free flour blends that use starch for bulking.

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Solid-fat replacer

PenNovo FR from Penford Food Ingredients is a potato-based starch system containing no genetically modified organisms (GMOs) that can replace up to 50% of the solid fat in certain applications, including baked goods, confectionary bases and fillings and frostings. In addition to being nonGMO, the product has a bland taste and a creamy texture, is a fat mimetic and maintains cell structure and volume. It’s also gluten-free, cholesterol-free, nonallergenic, halal and kosher.  

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Dried fruit

Oregon Cherry Growers launches a new line of dried cherries, strawberries and blueberries called the Royal Harvest line. The diced, sliced and whole fruits are dried to an optimal moisture level for year-round use in culinary and baking applications. According to the company, executive chefs and bakers tested the fruit in muffins, granola, cupcake frosting, yogurt and other items and commented on its good consistency and rich fruit flavor. Kosher and halal-certified, the cherries, strawberries and blueberries come in 18-oz. packages, 2.5-lb. bags and 25-lb. bulk packages.

800-367-2536 • www.orcherry.com


Protein-masking flavors

Virginia Dare’s Pro-Mask, a new series of protein-masking flavors, can diminish off flavors and improve the taste of a wide variety of baked goods and snacks fortified with a wide range of proteins, from animal proteins such as whey protein to vegetable proteins isolated from pea and soy. To demonstrate the product’s versatility, Virginia Dare demonstrated two baked goods made with Pro-Mask at the annual IFT show: One was an oatmeal cranberry cookie; and the other was a chocolate-chocolate chip cookie. Both were fortified with whey protein.

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Sprouted flour

Sprouted whole-wheat flour joins Bay State Milling’s OrganicEssentials line of organically certified flours, mixes, bases and blends. According to the company, the certified organic hard red wheat is sprouted to an optimal level of enzymatic activity, using a highly controlled process for the perfect balance of nutrition, baking performance and consistency. It comes in 50-lb. bags.

800-553-5687 • www.bsm.com



Ticaloid GF 313, the latest addition to TIC Gums’ gluten-free product line, is a hydrocolloid system for sweet baked goods, such as muffins and cakes. Ticaloid GF 313 helps bakers achieve textural attributes lost when switching to gluten-free formulations, such as softness, cohesiveness and batter viscosity to suspend additions, such as blueberries. It’s soluble in cold water and is kosher.

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