Company: Hebenstreit GmbH, Mörfelden-Walldorf, Germany


Hebenstreit single-screw extruders

Equipment Snapshot: Hebenstreit is now offering manufacturers new technology designed for the manufacture of extruded snacks. The SE 70 single-screw cooking extruder has a capacity of 100–300 kilograms (220–660 pounds) of raw snacks per hour, while the SE 110 has a capacity of 200–500 kilograms (440–1,000 pounds) per hour. Both feature a design that ensures uniform product quality. Depending on the recipe, the extruders can be used to produce between 120 and 800 kilograms (260–1,760 pounds) of finished products per hour, while delivering the required sensory characteristics and quality requirements involving shape, texture and taste. A large selection of dies permit creation of puffs, balls, wheels, sticks, rings or rice crispies, as well as 3-D shapes or filled snacks. The company can outfit plants with all equipment needs for extruded snack lines.