Company: Toray Plastics (America) Inc., North Kingstown, RI


Torayfan PWX5 metallized BOPP filmEquipment Snapshot: Toray Plastics (America) introduces Torayfan PWX5, a metallized BOPP film designed for use as a high-performance, inner moisture- and oxygen-barrier web in gas-flushed applications. One side of PWX5 film is vacuum-deposited aluminum on Toray’s proprietary ultra-barrier layer, which produces a packaging film that has superior metal adhesion and a shiny appearance. The other side of the film has a stable coefficient of friction (COF) and is heat-sealable. According to the company, PWX5 offers superior moisture-, aroma-, and flavor-barrier protection. In addition, its barrier durability makes it suitable for applications requiring an extended shelf life, including salty snacks, cookies, crackers, biscuits and confectionery items.