Toray Plastics (America), Inc.’s Torayfan Over the Mountain (OTM) films technology recently received AIMCAL’s 2018 Product Excellence award in the category of Coated, Laminated, or Metallized Product. Tammy Williamson, associate product manager, Torayfan Division, accepted the award, which was presented on March 23, during AIMCAL’s annual management meeting. Toray’s Over the Mountain BOPP packaging films are designed with integrated sealant technology for improved hermeticity (air tightness), and the seal-strength to withstand air pressure changes that occur when products are transported through altitude changes, which may cause a package to burst. The AIMCAL judges noted the value of Toray’s thin-gauge film and ability to seal well. “This structure definitely answers some of the problems commonly encountered with flexible packaging and seal integrity,” the panel concluded. Toray’s OTM films are designed for use in the manufacturing of pillows, pouches, and stand-up pouches (SUP) that are used for salty and savory snacks, cookies, crackers, biscuits, and confectionery items.

“The Toray team is very pleased to have this innovative portfolio of films recognized by AIMCAL and our industry peers,” says Williamson. She explains that Toray’s OTM films have helped CPG companies located in mountainous regions meet distribution challenges. This new technology gives manufacturers the confidence to distribute their products over high-altitude mountain passes where pressure changes have caused packages to burst. It also opens up new business opportunities for smaller regional manufacturers, who will now be able to distribute products nationwide."

Toray’s OTM films use a proprietary polypropylene core layer and sealant, which work synergistically to provide superior seal performance and very high seal strength that can withstand wide air pressure changes. The proprietary sealant ensures excellent sealing through food residue that may be in the seal area, and closes channel leaks in challenging seal areas, preventing oxygen and moisture from getting into the package and degrading product freshness. It also prevents any necessary oils in the packaged product from leaking out through the seal areas.

Toray’s Over the Mountain films are available in transparent, metallized, and white versions in a variety of barrier levels.